Diagon Alley Universal Studios, Orlando

Diagon Alley Universal Studios, Orlando

Dragon 1_small

The Dragon Guarding Gringotts

Dragon 2_small Dragon 3_small Dragon 4_small

Universal Studios Orlando’s Harry Potter Diagon Alley

We had the pleasure of spending the day at Universal Studios  and had a wonderful time.  We especially loved the Harry Potter section of the park. 

Note:  The best time to visit any of the theme parks in Orlando, Florida is in the months of September and January.  There are not as many people, it is a bit cooler in the temps and the lines are not as long which makes for a more enjoyable visit.

Universal Ball_small



The nice thing about visiting Universal Studios in mid September is that they have a few of their Halloween decorations up for the Halloween Horror Nights that takes place after dark.

Julie Halloween Universal Studios_small

Universal Halloween decorations around_small

It starts to put me in the mood for Halloween.

Pumpkins in the trees_small Universal Halloween_small


The building that extends 2_small The building that extends_small

As you approach the back of the park you will come across big buildings like these.  If you recognize them they are sets from the Harry Potter movies. 

shooting an arrow at me_small

The Lovely Square

lovely building_small lovely building 2_small lovely building 3_small

Gordon taking a nice break by the fountain.

Gordon in the outside Harry Potter section_small

side view 1_small side view 2_small

Now unbeknownst to the people walking by that in back of these beautiful buildings you will find the hidden Diagon Alley.

The Harry Potter bus_small

The Purple 2-Decker Bus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Julie riding the bus_small The Harry Potter Bus Gordon and the bus driver_small The Harry Potter Bus 2_small


Now, On to Diagon Alley

Now let me see, I believe it is behind one of these stores…….

Screed and Sons_small

Hmmmm…. What about that corridor over there?

Wizards Welcome_small

Yes, That’s it!

diagon Alley_small

Welcome to Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley way_small Diagon Alley 2_small Diagon Alley Dragon_small

The Weasley’s Shop

the Weasleys store_small the Weasleys store 2_small

This is a sweets candy shop but beware of the prices! 

Weasley store 4_small QSEVV_small

Quality, Style, Ease, Value, Variety

Weasley store 5_small Weasley Store 6_small

Inside the Weasley’s Shop


DA 1_small DA 2_small DA 3_small

Most of these store front’s are just props.  But there are some great shops where you can buy your Harry Potter souvenirs.

Gordon shopping for Harry Potter souvenirs_small I do love the pins_small Gordon souvenir shopping_small

They do have some little carts of Harry Potter merchandise around the park.

I do love the pins!


But before we go any further it’s time for lunch.

Hey, how about that place?

The Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron_small Leaky Cauldron menu_small

Here is the menu as well.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips_small

Banger Pub Style Sandwich

Banger Sandwich_small

Specialty Chicken Sandwich


Bangers and Mash

Toad in the Hole

Cottage Pie

Fisherman’s Pie

Mini Pie Combination

Beef, Lamb and Guinness Stew


Children’s Menu

Fish and Chips

Macaroni and Cheese

Cottage Mini Pie

LC menu_small

The Prices


Entering The Leaky Cauldron Tavern

Entering the Leaky Cauldron Tavern_small

This is truly lovely. 

The atmosphere is of course that of an English pub.

LC lighting_small Love the LC lighting_small

Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not this is a really great place to eat.

Art on the wall_small

The Art on the Walls

LC atmosphere_small love the LC atmosphere_small

Beverage Menu_small

Gordon and I shared a Dragon Scale ale and Gordon ordered a Fire Whiskey for himself.

We also shared a Butter Beer in the souvenir cup.

stick all the beverages in front of me_small Dragon Scale Ale_small Butter Beer anyone_small

We did bring a little treat from home.

Our Dragon Eyes

Actually, they are just dates stuffed with peanut butter with a raisin for an eye.  It was our very nutritious dessert after our wonderful meal of Fish and Chips and a Banger Pub Sandwich.

Julies fish and chips_small lovin the pub atmosphere_small Gordons banger sandwich_small


Now with lunch behind us it’s time to take in the Diagon Alley atmosphere.

Gregorovitch_small Gordon wand shopping_small Need a wand_small

How About A Wand?

Globus Mondi_small Globus Mundi Photography_small

This is where I would love to be!

Globus Mundi Photography Studio

Top Notch Shots_small The Owls_small

Top Notch Shots.  The Owls.

Gordon shopping_small Hermiones cat_small pretty bug_small

Gordon doing some shopping.  Is that Hermoine’s cat?

There really is some nice shopping in Diagon Alley but the prices are a bit high.

Little dragons_small

Beautiful Dragons


Oh, I did mean to buy a new broom!


With shopping and strolling out of the way it’s time to enjoy the new Gringott’s thrill ride.

Escape From Gringotts_small


waiting in line_small

Waiting in line to ride Escape from Gringott’s.

This is a roller coaster ride but a very nice one.  Gordon and I are both in our 50’s and we are getting a bit sensitive to these rough rides but we did really like this one and ended up riding it twice.

Gringotts 4_small entering Gringotts_small waiting in gringotts bank_small Gordon at Gringotts_small

This is an exact duplicate of the bank from the movie.  It looks wonderful!

beautiful chandeliers everywhere_small TBOG 2_small the beauty of gringotts_small

Beautiful Chandeliers Everywhere

ILTMAW_small ILTMAW 2_small

For all your banking needs.

making a deposit_small

I do think that I would like to make a deposit in my vault.

My vault_small visiting the vaults_small

My Vault at Gringott’s

climbing up to his perch_small Gringotts Teller_small

Now as we start to descend down into the chambers.

reading room_small newspapers that move_small

The Daily Prophet

A bit of light reading as we wait.

Gringotts hologram_small

A bit of magic to find the key.

down in the bank and headed toward the ride_small

In the bowels of Gringott’s.  Just follow the stairway to get on the ride.


Now with the excitement out of the way, it’s time to explore more of Diagon Alley.

DA 3_small DAG_small DAS2_small School Books_small

The old buildings are great.  Right out of Harry Potter.

The Daily Phrophet_small

Perhaps a visit to The Daily Prophet?

in need of books_small The knitting hooks_small

Shopping for books?  Knitting needles?

cutest ice cream cone_small ice cream anyone_small

Perhaps it’s time to stop in for an ice cream cone?

Elixer of Refreshments_small

Now, before we leave Diagon Alley would you care for an elixir of sorts?

Well, if not then what say we visit the rest of the park?

I am starting to get hungry for dinner.  What do you recommend?

How about Mel’s Drive-In?

Mels Drive In_small

You know, I can remember as a child eating at places like with with my mother.  I even remember the radio where we can choose our own music to play as we eat.  Kinda brings back memories. 

The booth radio_small

Happy Days!

50s dine in_small

50’s Dine In Restaurant

50s dine in menu_small

This is very reminiscent of my childhood.

Gordon with his food_small Its ok_small

To be perfectly honest the food here was just o.k.  Nothing really special.  But it was nice to revisit the atmosphere from my childhood.

My salad with chicken_small

My salad with chicken.


Universal Studios Diagon Alley

Nice place to visit but out of the places that we ate I recommend The Leaky Cauldron.

Have a great time!

Julie and Gordon