Father’s Day Pizza Party

Father’s Day Pizza Party


Setting the Stage for Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to Gordon,

and all Good Father’s Everywhere

This was our very first party that we had on our new Lanai Extension that was completed in June, 2018.  We were excited that we were given a blank slate to do with as we please.

Area Indoor/Outdoor Rugs, Collapsible Tables, Various Chairs, Gordon’s Grill, Pizza Oven, Table Clothes, Sun Umbrella’s, Plants….. 

All leading up to our……

Father’s Day Pizza Party

(Thank you Monkee)  🙂

Our Pizza Oven

Gordon with his new Pizza Oven (And Paddles)

Gordon is notorious for filling out forms for raffles where ‘anything and everything’ is free, and he could be the “BIG WINNER.”

I have always laughed at him and his “belief” that he will win!  He just knows it!  As he would say, “Come on Julie, fill out this raffle.  If we both do it then that will increase our chances!”

So far, Gordon has “won” a juicer set, a giant Christmas stocking filled with toys and candy, a large display beer stein, a beach umbrella, AND———- A PIZZA OVEN!!!!  🙂


Finally!  Gordon’s raffle obsession has paid off!  He won something wonderful!  And it retails for $350.00.  We know this because Gordon wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Gordon:  ” You know, this retails for $350.00 and I got it for FREE!”  Did you know that it retails for $350.00?  Yeah, And I got it for FREE!  Do you see this pizza oven?  Well, I entered a raffle and won it, AND it retails for $350.00!”

“Yes Gordon, you did good this time.”  🙂  Congratulations!!

(Just so you know, I’m married to Phil from Modern Family.  REALLY!)  🙂



Beautiful Heirloom Tomatoes

Wonderful Ingredients make the best Pizza’s

Heirloom Tomatoes

Fresh Ingredients of Mushrooms, Cheeses, Olives, etc. 


Into the Pizza Oven

Pizza Perfection


This is funny—- 

Gordon found a sticker that was stuck to Monk and it said, “Made in China.”  Funny thing is, Monk IS Made in China.  🙂


A Father’s Day gift to Gordon—-last year, 2017.  🙂

I bought him a vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener and the Coca-Cola tin for the caps to fall into.  I had also bought him some “grill” ornaments, and a Coca Cola magnet.  He in turn attached a metal plate to his grill in order to attach my gift.  He is quite talented and creative.  That is our Gordon!


Julie and Gordon, Father’s Day Pizza Party, 2018


Costume Jewelry Adorned Wine Bottles

Our New Wine Cart


Me, Julie, Enjoying my New Purchase


I couldn’t do an Italian Pizza Party without a bicycle, and basket of flowers, now could I?


Julie and Monk  🙂


Our Daughter Veronica made the Sign


Pots of Herbs

Chives, Basil, Oregano, and Parsley

Bowls of Green and Black Olives, Sliced Mushrooms, Sliced Red Onions, Sliced Tomatoes, and colorful Cherry Tomatoes

I got the idea that I wanted nice, fresh ingredients for our pizza’s, but I also wanted fresh herbs that we could “snip” to adorn our pizza’s.  So, I planted a variety of herbs into 2 pots so that we could choose which herbs we wanted to add to our pizza’s.



I wish that I could tell you that we made the pizza dough ourselves but we didn’t.  We bought it ready made at the grocery store.  Some time’s it’s o.k. to cut corner’s.  Then you have more time to plan your party.

The 2 Chef’s that you see at the bottom right on the photo above were gift’s from Gordon’s parents when he graduated from culinary school.

Gordon Starting to Make Pizza’s

It was my idea to just use jars, and jars, and jars of goodies.

I wanted to make it easy on us.  I also wanted to make it interesting and diverse.  I chose Spaghetti Sauce’s and Pasta Sauce’s that were of a more expensive nature.  I also chose marinated Artichoke Hearts, some were Grilled as well as marinated.  Also various Pepperoni’s, some turkey.  I also chose some Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle as well.

I just thought it would be great to have all these ingredients displayed so that everyone could create their own unique pizza.

Various Cheese’s, and Garlic Salt was also Key


Gordon’s Pineapple Pizza

We lived in Hawaii for 13 years so a Pineapple Pizza is a must with Gordon.

Here Gordon is adding the Grilled Artichoke’s, Red Onions, Sliced Mushrooms, Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes, etc.

Gordon always did love a “Trashcan Pizza.” 

  A pizza with everything on it!


I think Gordon is making this one for Brodie, or Justin.




Snipping Some Herbs for the Pizza


Brodie worked at Jett’s Pizza so he knew how to prepare the dough for us.

When making your pizza you want your dough all rolled out and poked with holes by using a fork.

You then start to build your pizza by using a tomato sauce, then cheese, and then the toppings.

Here Veronica is Building her own Pizza


Into the Oven it Goes


Cook for the appropriate amount of time and then……..


Veronica’s Delicious Pizza



We did add a tasty Garden Salad to our Pizza Meal


This was the first day that we ever used this baking stone from Pampered Chef and it cracked after just a few pizza’s.  Perhaps it got weakened from our many moves from Hawaii, to Maryland, to Florida, to another home in Florida, etc.   But it did crack.


After Pizza…..



Gordon’s Native Maori Dance  🙂


After Pizza….  This time it’s MINE!

Julie’s Delicious Pizza

I laid out a spread of brown paper bags as well as brown paper gift bags with handles.


Gordon, still doing his Maori Dance.  🙂


Grilled Asparagus

The Asparagus drizzled in Olive Oil and Sprinkled with Lemon Pepper

And the Grilled Bell Peppers


Garden Salad, and Grilled Asparagus


Brodie Grillin’

L-R:  Toasting Pine Nuts for the Garden Salad.  Grilling Asparagus, and Bell Peppers.


Browning Ground Sausage in Cast Iron Skillet

Bell Peppers and Red Onions


Keeping Warm

Gordon Ready to Serve Us


Gordon and Veronica



Justin Enjoying his Pizza


Brodie Doing Some Prep Work Before Our Pizza Party

Garden Salad, and Fresh Veggies


And just to let you know we are human’s with flaws,

I leave you with this!

A Pizza Mistake, Oh Dear!


The nicest men I have ever known in my life were my Grandfather Frank, and my husband Gordon.  When I think of Father’s Day, I think of them.  My biological father was a dead-beat dad, and my step-father was my abuser.  I don’t think of them.  I only think of the good men that I knew and loved.  That’s how it should be.

Our Monkee

He was here for Gordon’s Father’s Day, 2018.  Sadly, he has passed.  But, we will never forget him.

These two chair’s belonged to my Great-Grandfather’s.  They were very good to me and I remember their kindness and love they had for me.  I keep these chairs because they belonged to them.  They stay empty because I hope and imagine that just maybe they are still sitting in them. 

With Tremendous Love,



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