Sandwiches: Between the Slices

Sandwiches:  Between the Slices


Sandwiches:  Between the Slices

But exactly what IS Between the Slices?

Well, why don’t we find out?

We do love a good sandwich!

Sandwiches are usually easy to make, tasty, most are healthy, and also very filling but not in a heavy way, more in a comforting way.  So stop back from time to time to see what Sandwiches that we have made for you to try.

Julie and Gordon


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First Up!

Dinner Roll Delights!

I was in the mood for a baked sandwich but I didn’t want the large ones that Gordon and I always make, I wanted something small, and that is when I remembered these Dinner Roll Sandwiches that my mother used to make back in the 1980’s.  I remember them being very easy and that’s exactly what I wanted.  Easy, Simple, Tasty….

Hence, our Dinner Roll Delights!


We made 3 different kinds of these Dinner Roll Delights by using 3 different breads, 3 different meats,

3 different cheeses, and 3 different mustard’s…. for 3 different flavors.

The Ingredients:

Any Dinner Rolls that you like.  (We used Whole Wheat, Potato Bread, and Hawaiian King Sweet Bread.)

3 Different Kinds of Ham (Honey Cured Ham, Sweet Smoked Ham, and Black Forrest Ham.)

3 Different Kinds of Cheeses (Provolone, Swiss, and Mozzarella)

3 Different Kinds of Mustard’s (We used a Honey Mustard, Grey Poupon, and a Horseradish Mustard.)

Sliced Red Onion into Rings

Worcestershire Sauce


Black Mustard Seeds

The Cheeses and The Meats

The Mustard’s, The Butter/Margarine, Worcestershire Sauce, and The Black Mustard Seeds

The Dinner Rolls

You DON’T want to break them apart.  You want to slice through them horizontally, then remove the top and place onto a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Make sure the foil is long in length in order to cover the dinner rolls when you bake them.

Like So….

You Need 3 Small Bowls and Spoons

Red Onion

Now to Prepare the Mustard for the Sandwich

First up is the Horseradish Mustard

Just eyeball how much you think you will need to spread onto your sandwich bread, then add some Worcestershire Sauce to the mustard.  Blend together.


Now use a brush and apply the mustard mixture to both sides of the dinner rolls.


Next Sandwich:

In this sandwich we added the Grey Poupon along with the Worcestershire Sauce.


Blending Together

You can see the 2 different mustard’s on the 2 different breads.

We decided that a Red Onion would be good on the sandwiches.

Just Slice into Rings

On the first set of sandwiches Gordon is placing the Sweet Smoked Ham, and some Red Onion, and the Provolone Cheese.

Then when completed just put the top on.


Next Sandwich:

This sandwich is made with the Black Forest Ham, Red Onion, and the Swiss Cheese.


Same concept as before….

Now Place the Lid On

2 Sets Ready for the Oven

All that we need now is to spread some Butter/Margarine on top of each bun and then add some Black Mustard Seeds or whatever you may like.  Sesame Seeds, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Poppy Seeds…..


The Black Mustard Seeds gave the sandwiches a really unexpected taste that I, Julie, really enjoyed.


Now Cover with the Aluminum Foil and place in a 350F oven for about 20 minutes

When they come out of the oven they are nice and warm with the cheese all melted with the butter adding that nice flavor to the buns.


Now all you need is a knife to cut them apart and then enjoy!



King Hawaiian Honey Wheat Bread

These are the ones that we liked the best because they were sweet.

The Hawaiian Bread is very sweet, and we used the Honey Mustard in this batch along with the Honey Ham, and the Mozzarella Cheese.

Same as Before……




The only difference here is that on one side of the sandwiches Gordon is just adding the Honey Mustard and not mixing it with the Worcestershire Sauce.

Gordon Placing the Top Back On

Adding the Butter/Margarine and the Black Mustard Seeds


Then Just Bake and EAT!