Let Them Eat Cake

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette from the Movie, Marie Antoinette, 2006

“Let them eat cake.” 

Everyone has heard those words spoken and they were always attributed to France’s, Marie Antoinette from the time of her marriage to Louis XVI in the late 1700’s.  It was said that when the French people were starving and there was no bread that Marie Antoinette then said,

“Let them eat cake.”

However, there was never any proof that she ever said such a thing.  The quote was attributed by the wife of a rival of Louis XVI. 

I did love the movie with Kirsten Dunst as Maire Antoinette and I especially loved looking at all the pretty food that was featured in the movie.  Too pretty to eat in my opinion.

My Cakes will be nothing like what you see above, and as a matter of fact, I don’t make many cakes as it is.  I am a borderline diabetic and I can’t eat very much sugar.  But when I do eat a cake it is usually something like an Angel Food Cake, or a Sugar Free White, Yellow, or Devil’s Food.  This blog post isn’t about creating excellent cake recipes, this post is all about the toppings and how I make them look a bit different every time.

The Cake that you see Here, Here and….


Is the same cake, same frosting, just different everything else.

The Pink Cake I did for a Florida Flamingo theme……

The Blue Cake I did for a Tropical Beach theme……

and the Green Cake I did for an old 70’s Retro theme…….

Would you think they were all the same cake?


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If you would like the recipe for my Yellow and White Cake with Orange, Lemon, Lime and Key Lime,

click on the link above.


Happy Birthday!

I recently turned 59.  Here are some past and present birthday CAKES.

Not all these cakes are here on this post.  But they are all over my website.  🙂


There is Nothing Prettier to Me Than to see Angel Food Cakes Cooling

Since I have to use bottles to hold my Angel Food Cakes they may as well be pretty ones!

I will be putting a few recipes on here as well as I revisit my childhood and cook some of those cakes that were made for me from scratch by my Grandmother, and Mother.  But first I wanted to post what I bake and how I bake it.  I’m really not about recipes here, I’m more about themes.  A theme is much more fun to me than sitting down and eating a piece of cake no matter how good it tastes. 


Memories Never Tasted sooooo Good. 

Julie Lancaster-Whann


My New Invention

Recipe Below

I Also Made a Second Version of It!

I call it my Retro Rice Krispies Treats Cake


My inspiration all started with this old vintage recipe card that I keep on my refrigerator.


Angel Food Cakes

I love Angel Food Cake and I always have.  When I was growing up it was the cake of the south.  It was light, fluffy, and delicious.  I can remember many a Sunday picnic, or Church Dinner where there were always several lined up in rows along the dessert table.  Sometimes plain, sometimes frosted with some white, light, tasty icing.  Each lady had their own family recipe.  And when I grew up no matter where we lived I brought that love of Angel Food Cake with me and even started baking them for my own children to enjoy except that I left the family recipe behind and started buying up ready made cake mixes.

The Betty Crocker Angel Food Cake Mix is the best ready made that I have ever eaten.  But the Duncan Hines is fine and will do if Betty Crocker isn’t available. 

So, to start off with just make your Angel Food Cake as per the package directions.

I always use the mixer that my Grandmother gave me, I even use her Angel Food Cake pans that were passed down to me.

What I like the most about using a ready made cake mix is that all that is required here is water and it tastes delicious.


Bake According to Package Instructions

When using these Tube Pans before you place them into the oven make sure all of the air bubbles are gone.  Just tap the pan on the counter a few times.  That will bring the bubbles up to the surface.


Of course, when the cake is ready remove from the oven and place upside down over a bottle so the cake can cool without collapsing.

I grew up seeing these cake pans sitting upside down on bottles in my grandmother’s kitchen.  I still do the same, except I try and make my bottles pretty, whereas my Grandmother just used an old Coke Bottle.

Pink and Blue

With the cakes out of the oven and having cooled it’s time to get them to their respective plate.

Notice the tops of the Angel Food Cakes?

When I was little, o.k. well, up until my late 30’s, I would just pick at those delicious crusty pieces on top.  And I would get yelled at whether I was 3, or 39.  🙂

Now that they are cooled and on their respective plates, it’s time to get the frosting made.


Food Colorings

I used an Electric Pink and an Electric Blue


All of My Adornments

I love decorating cakes with flowers as long as they aren’t poisonous.


Now for the Frosting….


2 Egg Whites

1 1/2 Cups Brown Sugar

1/4 t. Cream of Tarter

1/3 Cups Cold Water

Dash Salt

1 t. Vanilla

Food Coloring

This recipe was something that I had originally made in Home Economics Class in Junior High School in Roanoke, Virginia.  I thought it was delicious and so I kept it all these years and do make it occasionally.

Because it is a Vintage recipe whomever I make it for is always intrigued and asks for the recipe because they have never tasted anything like it before.  🙂

We use Splenda Brown Sugar but you can use whatever you like.

Gordon Separating the Egg Whites from the Yolks

This Bowl is going to act as a Double Boiler over a Pot of Boiling Water.

Adding the Brown Sugar to the Egg Whites

Cream of Tartar

Adding the Water

Now a Dash of Salt


You will need a Hand Mixer for this Recipe.

Place all ingredients except vanilla in top of a double boiler, (do not place over water), beat 1/2 minute at low speed on electric mixer.  Place over but not touching boiling water.  Cook, beating constantly to stiff peaks, about 7 minutes (do not overcook).  Remove from water.  Beat in Vanilla.

Vintage Frosting

Beat, Beat, Beating Away…..

While Gordon was beating the frosting mixture for me I was adding several drops of Electric Pink Food Coloring.

Look How Thick the Frosting is!

The Icing is very thick and it does harden so spread quickly.


This is soooooo good!

And so Pretty and Festive


Tropical Blue Cake

This is the same cake as above except I used an Electric Blue food coloring.

I Added Some White Orchids

A Beautiful Cake for a Beautiful Occasion


My New Invention

I Also Made a Second Version of It!

I call it my Retro Rice Krispies Treats Cake

I grew up eating Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats and I adored them!  You know, melt butter and marshmallows in a pot and then add the Rice Krispies Cereal.  Pack into a pan and when they harden cut into squares?  Yep!  That’s the one’s!

We however, started adding things to the Butter and Marshmallows like Caramels, and even Peanut Butter.  But NOT at the same time.  And then making our Rice Krispies Treats that way.  So it occurred to me that I could make a cake out of the Rice Krispies Treats recipe.  So Gordon and I set out to try it.

Gordon Melting Butter and Caramels

At first I didn’t really like that Gordon did it this way.  When I melt Caramels into Marshmallows I first melt in the Butter, then I add the Marshmallows, and THEN I would add in the Caramels.  But Gordon did the Butter and Caramels first.

Now Gordon is Adding the Marshmallows

If they look funky to you they are leftover from Halloween and are shaped like Ghosts.  🙂

And to add to our “Holidays” he’s even using a Christmas Spatula.  🙂

When Everything was Melted we Poured it Over our Angel Food Cake

You know, at first I didn’t like it but as I looked at it you could see little bits of the caramel that never melted and it really did look a bit 70’s retro so that’s when I decided that I liked it.

It did taste good but it was an experiment that just needed some tweeking, and so I did!


The Second Version

This Looks Groovy, Doesn’t it?


Again, just a simple Angel Food Cake

Butter, Marshmallows, Caramels, and Rice Krispies Cereal

I used about 24 Caramels for this Cake.

Remove your Angel Food Cake from the pan and place it onto a platter.


I do LOVE all the gunk from the pan!

All of your Ingredients:

First melt your Butter in a saucepan.  Then add your Marshmallows to melt.

When the Marshmallows start to melt start adding your Caramels.


You can see it becoming beautiful and tan and gooey!!!

Now you very quickly want to pour it over your Angel Food Cake before it hardens.



With our leftover cake “frosting” we wanted to add some Rice Krispies to the Marshmallow/Caramel batter and mold them into balls to place around our cake.  Kind of bringing the past into the future.

The Pam Cooking Spray we sprayed on our hands before we molded the Rice Krispies into balls so that they didn’t stick to us.

Pure Delicious Pleasure

All the little Rice Krispie balls around the cake.

At the last minute we decided to ‘plug the hole’ in the Angel Food Cake by placing a large Rice Krispie ball in the center.  Gordon is even sprinkling some Rice Krispie Cereal on top.

This was sooooo good and such a good memory as well. 



Cake for my Daughter, Veronica’s, Engagement Party

This is the GREEN Cake that I made from above:

Her engagement party was back in March 2018, and I brought along a cake to add the the already beautiful dessert table.

As I also stated above, my children love Angel Food Cake as much as I do. 

And I wanted to make her one for her party.

Just as above we want a double boiler on the stove top.

This is a Vintage Cake and Icing Recipe



2 Egg Whites

1 1/2 Cups Brown Sugar

1/4 t. Cream of Tarter

1/3 Cups Cold Water

Dash Salt

1 t. Vanilla

Food Coloring

Adding the Brown Sugar to the Egg Whites

Next Come the Cream of Tartar, Water and Dash of Salt

Next we Put a LOT of Green Food Coloring into the Mix

Look How Pretty!


You do need a Hand Held Electric Mixer for this.

Place all ingredients except vanilla in top of a double boiler, (do not place over water), beat 1/2 minute at low speed on electric mixer.  Place over but not touching boiling water.  Cook, beating constantly to stiff peaks, about 7 minutes (do not overcook).  Remove from water.  Beat in Vanilla.


So Delicious and So Beautiful!

Very Retro Looking…..

Adding the Vanilla, the Final Step

Now it is perfect for me to spread onto my cake!

It does harden quickly so you must hurry!

Ready to take to the party……

With all the other stuff……

And our Gifts to the Bride and Groom are Pans and Baking Sheets and a Pizza pan.

Lovely Kelcy Arranging the Cupcakes

Veronica with her Dessert Table

The Future Groom, and the Future Bride

The Lovely Dessert Table

(You can see my cake.)

My Ta Da Moment!

Cakes Ready for the Party!

And a special Irish Soda Bread for the Happy Irish Couple!

Irish Soda Bread

If you would like our Irish Soda Bread recipe then just click below:

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Marie Antoinette and her Pugs

How bad could she have been?  She loved pugs!  🙂


Thank you for Baking With Me!