Autumn Grillin’

Autumn Grillin’


Welcome to Autumn Grillin’!


Grilling outside shouldn’t be limited to just the spring and summer, nice warm weather, it can be something that you do all year long.  We do live in Florida, so it is more ideal for us to grill year round, but we do know people that live in colder climates that grill outside during the winter months.  So if they can do it, so can you.

This is a blog that we will be updating, so stay tuned for some great outdoor recipes.


Bone in Pork Roast on the Grill

slicing-the-pork-roast-to-perfection_small pork-roast-sliced_small

I cannot begin to describe to you just how delicious and perfect that this was.

So Juicy!


option-3_small option-4_small

This truly is food porn!  🙂

the-pork-roast_small the-pork-roast-fat_small

Here you can see both the bone side and the fat layer.


I used some sweet and smoked paprika along with some grill mates Montreal steak seasoning made by McCormick.

adding-the-spices-to-the-pork-roast_small adding-the-smoked-paprika_small

adding-another-spice-to-the-pork-roast_small 1-spices-on-the-pork-roast_small

You want to coat the entire roast with it, so rub it in to ensure it sticks well to the meat.

adding-spices-all-over-one-side_small adding-spices-to-the-other-side-of-the-pork-roast_small

I didn’t rub it in on the bone side as you can see.

Always cook the show side first, that way it will present well and in this case the fat will drip down over the meat during the rest of the cooking. 

The fat holds all of the flavor.


Turn your grill up high and coat the grates with some non-stick high temp oil.  Heat your grill up this way for about 5 min., then place the roast fat side down on the grates and close the lid.  Now, turn your grill down to medium heat.

gordon-cooking-pork-roast_small gordon-and-the-grill-for-autumn_small

on-the-grill-and-lookin-good_small option-9_small

Here you can see the fat side is getting a nice char.  This took about 10 min.  Turn your roast to the bone side and close the lid.  Leave it on this side a little longer checking it about every 4 min. for flare ups from the fat.  If this happens, you can move the roast to another section of the grill or use a little water to put out the fire.  I also placed the roast on each end for about 4 min. a side to get some color on the ends.

gordon-inserted-the-thermometer_small pork-roast-on-the-grill-with-the-thermometer_small

Remove it from direct heat and finish the cooking off to the side of the grill.  You can then place digital thermometer into the center of the roast and cook it to 140’F. 

If you want it a little more pink, cook it to 135’F.  I will explain this more below.


Once ready, remove the meat from the grill, turn off the gas and close the lid to let the residual heat cook off any bits left on the grates.


Let the meat rest for at least 10 min. or more to ensure the hot juices have time to travel back to the center, cooking the meat up to 5 to 8’F more.  Doing this will ensure you have a juicy perfectly cooked roast. 

Remember, the meat doesn’t stop cooking after you remove it from the heat. 

Those super heated juices traveling back into the meat do great things.

This is why I prefer an end temperature of 145’F.


Perfection… and it tastes as good as it looks!

biscuits-1_small biscuits-2_small

Biscuits and Pasta

gordon-making-our-sides-in-the-kitchen_small making-the-biscuits-and-the-pasta_small

With the pork cooking on the grill it’s time to make some very easy and tasty side’s.


There is nothing wrong with buying up a pre-packaged cheesy pasta meal that only requires boiling the the pasta to al dente, and adding the cheesy packet and some water. 

boiling-a-pot-of-pasta-for-a-side_small boiling-water-for-pasta_small

The biscuits did require a bit more work than the pasta, but boy are they worth it!

best-biscuits-ever_small best-ever_small

Old Bay Seasoning, Cheddar Cheese Drop Biscuits


Great Meal, Great Sides, Great Leftovers

my-pork-roast-dinner_small gordons-pork-roast-plate_small

Happy Grillin’!