Halloween Game Night With Ghosts

Halloween Game Night With Ghosts



Our Game Night With Ghosts

Even the Paintings and Busts Wear Masks


Welcome to our Game Night with Ghosts

This is a Ghoulishly Delicious Evening of Cocktails, Treats, and Mischievous Fun

We do hope that your not SPOOKED by the otherworldly guests that FLEW IN just for the occasion.

I’ll just ring the bell and check in.

My Room Key, 1313

A bit of Ghostly Bling on this Halloween

The Dining Room

Ghosts Dressed to Perfection Flitting Around with Flair

Cocktail Menu



Between the Sheets

The Game Table

So, What are we Playing?  CLUE, of Course!

This is the Hollywood Tower Hotel version of CLUE

“Clothes make a statement, Costumes tell a story.”  Mason Cooley

Although we have a few CLUE Halloween themed posts on our website, this one is my most favorite as it was my first CLUE post.  This particular CLUE game is based on the Hollywood Tower Hotel at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The Tower of Terror is also my most favorite thrill ride ever. 

Click Here for our Tower of Terror Halloween


The Game Board, Cocktails, and Treats

Gordon Enjoying Some of our Tea Sandwiches

This was a lot of fun to do.  I do love old Hollywood glamour and the movie stars that made me love them.  This also didn’t cost as much as you might think.  Both mine and Gordon’s clothes we found at thrift stores.  My dress cost about $8.00 and Gordon’s tuxedo was around $20.00.  It cost us more to get the items dry cleaned than it was to purchase them.


Our Wedding China

Pimiento Cheese on Pumpernickel w/ Carrot Flowers, Cucumber sandwiches tied with Chives, and a Vegetable Sandwich Spread

Studying My Cards

Our Mystical Food and Game Table

That would be my glass, the one with the lipstick.

There!  I think it was done in the LOBBY……..with the….. and the killer is……

Oh, thank you my dear, I will take a Tuxedo Cup.

They Look Delicious!

Here’s two just for us.


The Recipes:

Our Pretty Cucumber Sandwiches

This recipe is from a friend of my grandmother’s, Lois Findley.  Lois is no longer with us but her Cucumber Sandwiches are.  For that I am eternally grateful.  Although Gordon probably doubled the recipe here, I will list Lois’s original recipe for you to follow.

The Ingredients:

1 (8 oz. Cream Cheese)

3 small Carrots

1 small onion 3 T. Mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1 Cucumber

Grate, grind, or blend cucumber, carrot, and onion.  Drain well.  Mix mayonnaise and cream cheese, then add well drained begetables.  Spread on bread.  Makes 10 – 11 sandwiches.

Here Gordon sliced the cucumbers lengthwise and is de-seeding them.

Now Gordon is removing the outer skin of the cucumber.

Now Gordon is grating the cucumber into small pieces.

When the cucumbers are grated place onto a towel or paper towels to absorb the liquid.

The Grated Cucumber, Carrots, and Onion

Adding the Cream Cheese and Now Blending w/ the Other Ingredients.

Now adding a bit a Halloween Scary with some Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt, as well as some fine Greek Sea Salt.  That is our touch to Lois’s sandwiches.

Love the Black!

Perfect!  Now it’s time to spread onto bread.

Cookie cutters make nice shapes for sandwiches.

So Pretty!

Here Gordon added some carrot roses that he made himself, tied some with chives, and topped other’s with a pesto dollop.


Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches with Carrot Flowers

I happen to LOVE Pimiento Cheese on Pumpernickel

This looks very Halloween to me.

Here Gordon is showing you how to make the carrot flowers.

They will make beautiful garnishes.


Tuxedo Cups

I found these Tuxedo Cups at one of my favorite stores, Tuesday Morning, so I bought them knowing full well that Gordon would create something nice to put in them.  And he did…..


Chocolate Tuxedo Cups (Chilled)

1 Pkg. Hershey’s White Chocolate Pudding Mix

1 Pkg. Jell-O Chocolate Pudding Mix

Dried Marshmallow Bits

Two Cake Decorating Bags

Prepare both pudding mixes as suggested by the manufacturer.

Once the puddings have set, place them in the pastry decorating bags using a rubber spatula.

Try to keep the air out of the bag when filling.  Twist the end of the bag multiple times to close.

Remove your chocolate Tuxedo Cups from the refrigerator, keeping them in their package container.

Below, I am placing the chocolate pudding in the bag.

Here you can be as creative as you like.  I chose to pipe both puddings in at the same time, making it half white chocolate and half milk chocolate.

Gently squeeze the bag to force the pudding out of the tip.  Choose a tip of your liking.  Usually these bags come with multiple tips.

Then you can also mix the puddings throughout the chocolate cups.

Both ways make a great presentation.  Once done, you can garnish the top of the cups with the dried marshmallows.

You could also use a sprig of mint!

Chill the cups in the refrig until ready to serve.


They are Delicious!


Hope your Halloween is fun, ghostly and spooky.

Scare ya Later!

Ghoulie and Gordon