Trick or Heat Halloween Relish

Trick or Heat Halloween Relish


t or h_small

Trick or Heat Relish

serving up our trick or heat_small

A Hot and Sweet Treat for Halloween

Gordons dinner_small

Perfect on Brats/Sausages/Hot dogs

dinner last night_small

Great Dinner

pumpkin UFO_small

Brats/Sausages with Trick or Heat Relish

and Roasted Bell Peppers with Onions

Broccoli Slaw, Sweet Potato Fries


A Spooky Brew

1 Halloween beer anyone_small

How about a unique garnish for your beer?

beer garnish ideas_small

Chorizo Sausage, Poblano Peppers (fresh or dried)

chorizo sausages_small 1 beer topper_small 1 Gordon experimenting_small

Perfect for the Occasion

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trick or heat hot pepper and carrot relish_small

Trick or Heat Relish

(This would also be lovely for Easter.  You don’t have to make it hot.)


TIP:  Whenever you are handling very hot peppers, or any food that can irritate your skin, try using cooking gloves.  It’s not only more sanitary, but it’s easier on your hands.

Clean Cuisine gloves_small


Carve a Little Bell Pepper into a Lovely Lantern

spooky bell peppers_small

Gordon was chopping up some bell peppers for our brats/sausages, when I got the idea for him to carve out the remaining green bell pepper into a lantern.

pepper carving 1_small pepper carving 2_small pepper carving_small

Just cut off the top, remove everything inside, then use a paring knife to cut out some eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Gordon carving a green bell pepper_small

Be sure to eat the parts you don’t use.  🙂

cute green bell pepper pumpkin_small

Now just add a safe battery tea light, and you have a cute jack-o-lantern for your table.



12 Hot Banana Peppers sliced into rings

2 Cups Carrots sliced thin

1 Cup of sliced bell peppers (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange)

1/2 Medium Vidalia Onion sliced thin

1 Tbsp Mustard Seeds

1 Tbsp Ground Mustard

1 Tbsp Whole Red Peppercorns (also called Pink or Rose)

1 tsp Turmeric

2 1/2 Cups Sugar

1 Cup White Vinegar

1 Cup Water

Makes about 9 small jars of relish.


This is a Pepper/Carrot Relish

delicious trick or heat relish_small

Spicy Hot and Delicious!

T or H 1_small T or H 2_small

Here are our Ingredients

T or H 3_small T or H 4_small

T or H 5_small T or H 6_small

We wanted to slice the peppers into rings, but we didn’t want all the seeds as they are really HOT!

Gordon devised a trick to removing the seeds while leaving the pepper intact.

T or H 7_small 1 pepper_small 2 pepper_small

Simply slice off the top, roll the pepper with your hands and just squeeze the seeds out of the pepper.

3 pepper_small 4 pepper_small 5 pepper_small

Comes out fairly clean.

6 pepper_small


adding the already sliced carrots_small

Adding the carrots to a tall pot on your stove.

Chopping Your Ingredients

chopping the peppers into rings_small 2_small


Chop Your Peppers into Rings

add your peppers to your pot_small

Now you add to the pot all the chopped ingredients.

add your peppers to your pot_small


an onion_small half your onion_small chopping our onion into half moons_small

 Try chopping your onion into half moons.

now chop your onions into moons_small

3 our relish ingredients_small blend together all your peppers carrots and onions_small

Combine in your pot.

cut around the top of your bell pepper_small cut in half_small

You want to chop your bell peppers into small chunks for this relish recipe.

adding chopped bell peppers_small adding the chopped bell peppers 2_small

Next comes all the spice ingredients.

adding the red pepper corns_small 4 carrots hot peppers and pepper corns_small

Adding the Red Pepper Corns

your peppers onions and carrots_small 5 ready to bring ot a boil_small

Add the Spices

the celery seed_small mustard seed_small spices for relish_small

added sugar_small added vinegar_small added water_small

Adding the Sugar, Vinegar, and Water

bring to a boil and then simmer_small

Now you want to bring it to a boil.

Place all ingredients in a large pot and cook until the carrots are slightly tender.  Taste the relish and add more sugar/vinegar/water etc… to taste.  Be sure to cover the pot while cooking, so there is enough liquid in the pot to cover the relish.  This will ensure the relish in your jars will be covered and stay moist when canned. 

6 its ready_small

It is now ready!


Canning Your Trick or Heat Relish

sterilized jars and temp thermometer_small pot of boiling water_small

To can/jar your relish boil your jars or place in a dishwasher on sterilize setting.  If you don’t have a sterilize setting, use the pot setting and keep the jars in the dishwasher until ready to jar your relish.  Sterilize the lids in a pot just below a boil for 15 min.  Use tongs to get them out when ready. 

ladeling your relish into sterilized jars_small ready for a sterilized lid_small

Place your cooled relish in your jar using a funnel.  Leave 1/2 of space from the top of the jar to allow for suction.  Wipe the top of the jar with a moist paper towel to remove any food particles or liquid.  Place a lid on top of the jar and slightly tighten down with the band.  When you have enough done, submerge them in a pot of boiling water using canning tongs and boil for at least 15 min.  You will see bubbles stream out of the jars… its a good sign the air is being extracted and the jars are sealing.  When done, use the tongs to extract the jars and place on a clean dry surface.  The jars will be extremely hot, so handle them with care.  You should hear the jars seal (POP) shortly after you removed them from the boiling water.  That POP means the jars sealed properly.  If a jar doesn’t seal, you will have to re-do the canning procedure all over again with a new jar and lid.  Lids can only be used once. 

TIP:  When cool enough to touch, remove the band and wipe away any excess moisture from the jar and band.  Doing this will ensure the items don’t rust over time.

place lid with tool_small

boiling the jars into water in a pot_small Trick or Heat almost ready_small

Note: The bands are only there to ensure the sealed lid doesn’t accidentally get pulled up when stored.  If you ever find a lid in the up position on any jarred food, discard it as bacteria is in the food.  This is also true with all store bought jarred items.  

hot and sweet pepper and carrot relish_small


How To Eat Trick -or-Heat

Gordon turning on the grill_small

Gordon Turning on the Grill

Halloween brats and trick or heat relish 1_small

Our Trick or Heat relish goes very well with hot dogs/brats/ sausages.

Especially when they are cooked on the grill.

pumpkin UFO_small

Pumpkin UFO Beer and Skull Hot Sauce

Brats and sausages_small

Brats and Sausages

I absolutely adore these chicken apple sausages, while Gordon loves the spicy, hot brats.

To make the brats, simply cook them in a mixture of water and beer for about 10 min. as shown below at a temperature just below boiling.

boiling brats on the grill_small adding beer to the brats_small boiling the brats in water and beer_small

Gordon boiling brats_small removing the brats from the pot_small

When cooked, remove the brats and brown them on the grill to finish the cooking process.  You will then also add the sausages to the grill and cook them until well browned.

Gordon grilling_small

placing the brats on the grill to cook_small grinnin those brats and sausages_small looking good_small

looking good_small


Sauteing some Colorful Bell Peppers for your Brats

spooky bell peppers_small

Simply slice them lengthwise at ~1/4 inch width.

saute your peppers in some olive oil_small

Slice an onion in half and then slice it thinly creating long strips.

sauteeing bell peppers_small adding some onion_small

Place them all in a saute pan with a little olive oil or butter and salt and pepper to taste.

adding the onions 2_small

adding some freshly ground pepper_small adding some salt_small

Cook them over medium heat until the onions are translucent and the bell peppers are tender.

TIP: You could also add chopped/minced garlic a few minutes after you started the cooking process.  This will ensure the garlic doesn’t burn.

pumpkin UFO_small

Have a Halloween Brew with Your Meal

(The skull is full of hot sauce!)


broccoli slaw with spicy seaweed_small a seaweed salad_small

In addition to our grilled meal, Gordon also made some broccoli slaw.  You can buy broccoli or regular coleslaw already prepared at your grocery stores.  You then add a mayo based sauce to it.  But here, Gordon topped our slaw with an already prepared  sweet seaweed mixture from the Asian supermarket. We think it makes an interesting garnish.

Heat and Heat and Heat, go Well Together

our trick or heat relish for Halloween_small

A very nice and easy meal for Halloween,

if you like it HOT!!!

dinner last night_small

Happy Halloween!