Gordon and the Sledge Homer

Gordon and the Sledge Homer


Universal Studios

Universal Studios_small

Orlando, Florida

The Simpson’s


Duff Beer


Gordon Duff Beer_small Julie Duff Beer_small

Gordon  and I outside the Duff Beer Brewery

at Universal Studios

Duff Brewrey 2_small

We spent the day at Universal Studios in Orlando recently.  Had a wonderful time, but I don’t recommend anyone ride The Simpson’s ride.  It was horrible!!  I felt like I had been in a few car wrecks by the time the ride was over. 


There were other things to do in the Simpson’s section of the park besides riding that awful ride.

Bumblebee Tacos_small

Bumblebee Tacos

There are many eating establishments.

Lard Land Donuts_small Krusty Burgers_small

You can buy a large donut or get a Krusty burger.


Flaming Moes_small Lisas Teahouse of horror_small

You could eat at Flaming Moe’s or Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror.

Kwik e Mart_small


Stop by the Kwik-E-Mart for a Simpson’s Souvenir


You could try to win

The Sledge Homer……

The Simpsons Sledgehammer_small

Notice there isn’t a crowd as Gordon approaches the carnival employee.

Gordon going for the gold_small Gordon and the Sledge Homer_small

Now a crowd starts to gather.

Gordon goes for it!

Gordon Won_small Greeting his admirers_small


With his prize_small

The grand Prize!!


You know Gordon is 50 and he beat out men who were in there 20’s and 30’s at this game.  When he first tried it he lost.  You get 3 tries.  He then found out the woman had put it on the hardest (Big Man) setting, so he paid to do it again, got a little angry, and won on his first swing.  He has won at this game at every park that has had this game.

Gordon has the mind of an athlete.  It’s just mind over matter to him and there is a trick to winning this game.  If you have ever chopped wood then you know how to stand and swing an axe.  That’s the position you need to be in to throw the hammer down hard.  When Gordon was younger, he chopped a lot of wood for his Dad, so he is very experienced at swinging an axe.  You also have to be accurate as you have to hit the target dead center to use the full force of your swing to score the most points.

Simpsons Hotdogs_small

The Simpson’s section of the park was very nice.

Twurl and hurl_small T and H ride_small

The Twirl and Hurl

We didn’t ride this one, but it looks like it would be O.K.


But as we were leaving the park there is just something wrong with this………

Precious Cargo_small

A seat belt?  Really Gordon?


An Oldie But a Goodie


Six Flags Over Georgia_small

Gordon at Six Flags Over Georgia when we were dating.  He was 19 here.

Of course he won!

Who wears short shorts_small

He always was a he-man.  🙂