Julie Vintage Party and Gift Ideas

Julie Vintage Party and Gift Ideas

  Welcome to Julie Party and Gift Ideas

My vintage Seven Dwarfs Mine Cake


I love gift giving.  I think that I love giving a gift more than the recipient enjoys receiving it. 

(Cakes don’t always have to be traditional.  This is one of my birthday cakes.  It’s a funnel cake.)

It’s about always having the people that you love upper most in your mind all the time.  It’s going about your daily life and spotting something in a shop window, something that you just know they will love to have, or becoming inspired by something that you see and can make or create it yourself. 


My Barefoot In Florida With Julie Cheesecake

(This was to celebrate our 3 year anniversary of the website in 2014.  It’s just a no bake cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and crushed graham crackers sprinkled on top, for a sandy beach.  Then some chocolate feet with some seashell chocolates.  Really easy and delicious.)



I love entertaining, I love parties, I love planning, I love shopping, and I love bringing my ideas to fruition.  So if you love gift giving as much as I do then please join me here, I will show you some ideas that I have come up with and maybe inspire you to do something similar. 

It’s about making someone happy. 

That likes to wear a party hat!

So let’s have fun!


Support the United States Postal Service  

Don’t forget to send your packages through the U.S. Mail.  As the grand daughter of a Postmaster I support the United States Postal Service.  Without them these privatized mail companies could charge us an arm and a leg just to mail a letter.  The post office keeps the prices competitive.

Happy Mailing,



February 13, 2017

Today I turn 56

A Vintage Memory Birthday Cake for Me

Julie birthday 56_small

Happy Birthday to Me!

Julie on the couch_small

Seeing as how I am laid up I am going to make the best of it.

option 2_small

I wanted to share with you my ‘vintage memory’ cake and ice cream.

Yes, I am a bit laid up on crutches with a sprained knee but that isn’t going to stop me from having a great birthday.

Crutches and Julie_smallcrutches julie_small

It was my idea to create this cake for my birthday.  It is based on a childhood memory of a food that I loved that my mother would buy occasionally from the bakery.

roses and cream horns_smallroses and jewelry_small

My Cream Horn Cake with White Roses in the Center

I placed a small cup in the center and Gordon placed two rows of cream horns around the vase, then tied it with a ribbon.  He then placed strawberry’s around the cake for that touch of red.  I loved it!

option julie cake 44_small

So, Happy Birthday to Me!

I may be a bit laid up but I am going to focus on the benefits of taking a few weeks off, and not the liabilities.

julie cake option 3_small my cake_small

I am very proud of my birthday cake. 

It was my idea to relive my childhood favorite dessert.

cream horns and ribbon_small

Gordon bought a bunch of ready made cream horns.

making the cake_small making the cake 2_small

Then he placed them around a cup of water that I had in the center to place my white roses.

Then tied them with a big blue ribbon.

slicing the strawberrys_small slicing the strawberrys 2_small Gordon splaying them outward_small

He washed several strawberries and then cut them throughout, like so.  Then he splayed them open and placed them all around my cake plate.  It was great!

  Sometimes to me food is just a decoration. 

Especially sweets like this.


happy pre birthday to me_small

My Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal Bowl w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

Gordon cooking_small

Gordon Making My Cereal Bowls

melting marsh_small melting marsh 2_small

My most favorite breakfast cereal when I was young was Captain Crunch’s Peanut Butter Cereal.  I LOVED it!  I could eat it everyday!  So when I had the idea for the ‘cream horn’ birthday cake, I also got the idea for the Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal bowls.  So Gordon made them by melting butter, marshmallow’s, and caramel’s in a pot on the stove until everything is melted.  (Similar to the ‘rice krispy treats’ that we grew up with.)  Then he added the cereal and placed into read cereal bowls to harden.  Once hard, he added the ice cream. 

captn crunch bowls_small

You can not only eat the ice cream, but the bowl it is served in.


Happy Birthday to Me! 


Julie red dress 55_small


my 55 birthday cake_small

My Birthday Cake

This was all my idea.  I do think that now it resembles something out of ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’.

I’m so lucky that I have a husband that caters to my wild ideas and goes along with such gusto.


i love my little stick trees_small

I do Love my Stick Trees

(Pearl necklaces, vintage jewelry, lovely birds, little gold and silver ornaments, chandelier crystals, and my vintage Disney princess ornaments, make these trees lovely.)

my February trees_small

I put these together to feature some of my favorite things.

presents_small silver garland_small Pretty Disney tree_small

Here are some of my Disney Princess Snow Globes that I made, and some Ornaments

Disneys Belle_small

I made this tree by inserting a branch that I spray painted white into this old tree stand.

I wrapped some silver beaded garland all around it and placed a “crown” at the top of it, above the garland.  I thought it looked really nice.


55 birthday cake_small Julie close up option bday_small

I had a lovely 55!


remove from oil and place onto a paper towel_small Step 3_small

My “Cake” is an 8 Layer Funnel Cake

Gordon making my cake_small

Gordon carefully making my cake.

pour into funnel type device_small pour into funnel device_small

We used both White and Devil’s Food cake mixes for this.  Although making a funnel cake does require a certain recipe to do it correctly.  Gordon simply added more eggs and egg whites making it more like a funnel cake batter.

The recipes for each of these cake mixes called for 3 eggs.  Gordon simply added 2 egg whites to the batter as well, making it better for the deep frying.

regular cake mix_small repeat using devils food cake mix_small

These are both sugar free cake mixes.

mix cake mix together but add extra eggs for this recipe_small

You want to make the cake batter according to the package directions.  Just remember to add the extra egg whites.

it will be very stringy_small it will be a golden brown_small

This is a southern cake.  Most of the time only one layer is done and then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

layer 1_small step 2_small Layer 2_small

The first layer goes onto the cake plate and is sprinkled with cocoa powder.  The second layer then goes on the plate and it is sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Layer 3_small Layer 4_small Layer 5_small

It kind of resembles a hamburger at this stage.

strawberry preserves_small heating it up on the stove top_small Step 8_small

I wanted some strawberry preserves to go into the middle of this cake so Gordon put some of the preserves into a saucepan to melt it down a little bit so that it could spread more evenly over the a layer of the cake.

It kind of looks like ketchup on a hamburger at this stage. 

looks like little octapi_small Layer 8_small

I think we did too many layers here.  But it was good regardless.

Step 10_small my 55th birthday cake slice_small

Strawberry Preserves are also added in addition to the powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

This is a cake that needs to be eaten soon after making.  It doesn’t taste as good the following day.

my 55 birthday cake_small


Dr. Seuss Themed Baby Shower

My daughter’s friend Deva was having a baby, a girl, and asked Veronica to assemble a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower for her.  Deva is a fan of Dr. Seuss and that’s what she wanted.

I Love the Diaper Cake

(Straws the pom pom’s attached)

It’s not to be eaten.  It’s just rows and rows of diapers stacked as if you were assembling a a 3 tiered cake.  Ribbons wrapped around each layer of diapers. 

(You know, it just dawned on me if this is where I got my idea for my birthday cake this year.  Subconscious thought?)

my cake_small

My Cream Horn Cake with Flowers in the Center

Because Deva was having a girl that meant lots of lots of hair bows.

Lots and LOTS of Hair Bows

Take a long strip of ribbon and just attach hair bows to it, then hang it on the wall of the nursery.

A bulletin board covered in fabric and strung with ribbons to hold lots of bows.

Congratulations to Deva and Tony!



Cute Party Idea

Happy Birthday Veronica

(You never outgrow the Disney Princesses)

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Cake

This is the cake that Gordon and I did for Veronica but I thought about making this cake for me for my last birthday in February but we didn’t have time.  I thought it was such a cute idea that I came up with and I didn’t want it to go to waste so we made this cake for our daughter for her birthday.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine

There is a new ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom here in Orlando that features the dwarfs in the mine.  So this cake is for them.  The funny thing is that when I came up with this idea I didn’t even know that Disney had a new ride with this theme.

Vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Cake

The cake toppers are some of my vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs birthday cake figures.  I have several of them.  Also my vintage milk glass knobby cake stand that I bought for $8.00 at my favorite thrift store.  Also some of my snow globes that I made for my birthday using the vintage birthday cake toppers.


Some of my vintage things that I think look lovely with my Snow White items.

Roses for Ronnie and my vintage dwarfs.


Two of the guests have arrived.


How We Did It

Start with 4 cake layers.  I used 2 boxes of Devil’s Food Cake Mix.

I used a vanilla sugar free icing between each layer.  You know, for our Snow White part of the cake.

In order for the cake to stack on top of each other nicely you have to use a sharp knife to slice off the top of the cakes in order to make them totally flat.  You can see our pile on the plate to the right.  Save them.  You’ll see why.

Top left are our adornments for the cake.  Photo right, Gordon is continuing the icing of the cake so that the entire cake is covered with the white frosting.  I can tell you that we used 4 cans of frosting for this.

To the left Gordon is cutting out a cave in the cake.  To the right we are using sugar free chocolate frosting to put all around the inside of the “mine” to look like soil.

The photo left Gordon is spreading the chocolate frosting all inside the “mine”.  Even spilling out onto the cake platter.  The photo at right Gordon is placing one of the cake layers that we cut off one of the layers to place outside the mine.

So, what do you think?  Looks good so far.

Me, decorating the cake.

I’m placing all around and inside of the mine sugared “gems”.  I ordered them from this great company called Fancy Flours.  They have beautiful things. You should check them out, I’ve included their website link below.


The sugared gems.  Aren’t they beautiful?

There wasn’t enough room to write Happy Birthday Veronica so I just wrote her name on top of the cake with one of those Cake Mate writing gels.

Happy Birthday Veronica!

The cake is beautiful (for us amateur bakers) but no one will cut into it.

No one wants to ruin it.  So we decided to chow down on the cheesecake from yesterday’s birthday party.  🙂

(Our BareFootInFloridaWithJulie.com 3 year birthday cake).


Poor Monk looks miserable.  But he always looks miserable.

Happy Birthday Veronica!


Mom and Dad


November 29, 2013

Happy 21st. Birthday Brodie!

Brodie’s birthday is around Thanksgiving and it has always been a bit of a challenge in giving him a birthday party.  To the casual viewer that were to look at past birthday photos you would wonder if Brodie’s birthday were in November or December?  He is either surrounded by pumpkins and pilgrims and Indians or else there is a Christmas tree in the background.  This year his birthday fell the day after Thanksgiving.  We decided to spend our Thanksgiving Day at Disney Hollywood Studios so we decided to combine the two.  Thanksgiving Day and Brodie’s 21st. Birthday.

Brodie and Friend at Disney Hollywood Studios, top.

Gordon and Julie Thanksgiving Day at Disney Hollywood Studios.

This has to be one of our most memorable Thanksgiving’s.  How many people get to eat a turkey leg at Disney for Thanksgiving?

The Star Wars Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios

Our Thanksgiving at Disney was not just about celebrating the day.  It was also about Brodie and his friend’s November birthdays.  The Star Wars ride is a favorite of all of ours.  We are after all, huge fans of the Star Wars saga.  So in addition to the fun day at Disney, the day actually carried over into the day after, Brodie’s birthday.

Brodie’s Birthday Disney Coffee

Brodie’s Birthday Morning

I think that a birthday isn’t just about getting a present.  It can be a birthday morning coffee with a new mug or cup and saucer, some new coffee, a great coffee spice and a great new coffee travel mug.

A birthday is also a great opportunity to make an excellent birthday breakfast.  We gave Brodie a set of Star Wars pancake molds that we made pancakes with.  The millennium Falcon, Tie fighter, and Darth Vader’s ship that I don’t know the name of.  Plus lots of his favorite Canadian pancake syrup and bacon and turkey sausages.

Star Wars Pancakes

Pancake Star Wars molds as well as Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Brodie enjoyed their Star Wars/Disney breakfast.

This is my cute breakfast.  A Mickey Mouse pancake with two turkey sausages.  Gordon made this for me freehand.  No mold.

Mickey and Minnie Tea and Cookies

We also gave Brodie an afternoon tea with a Minnie and a Mickey cookie and some delicious green tea.  Also part of the birthday gifts.

Brodie’s Star Wars Cupcakes

Brodie’s favorite Star Wars characters were always the storm troopers so I knew that I had to incorporate them in to his birthday some way so I decided to make some Key Lime cupcakes (Incorporating our Florida roots) and adding some storm trooper and a Boba Fett and Darth Vader cupcake toppers.  Along with 21 white birthday candles.

His birthday literally lasted two days instead of one.  How many people can do that?

Happy Birthday Brodie,



Storm Trooper Serving Tray




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This is a gift that I made for Brodie a few years ago when he was really into Star Wars.  He LOVED the storm troopers..  So I painted a serving tray white, then added a blue color on top of that.  Then I sanded it down so that the white shows through, making it look worn.   Then I added a storm trooper color photo and decoupaged that on.  Then I took a photo of Brodie from a Halloween past when he dressed up as a storm trooper and decoupaged that onto the tray as well.
I added one of his stuffed storm troopers to the tray and it looks great!
 A great memory of his childhood.  Something that he will keep forever.

Top right:  The back of the tray.  I decoupaged a photo of several storm troopers and then I added my message to Brodie.


To Brodie:  I love you!  Mom  My favorite Storm Trooper.  🙂


August 2013

Happy Birthday Kate

My nieces are over from Ireland visiting and while they are here I decided to throw Kate a little early birthday party.  Her birthday isn’t until August 28th. but I have never been with her for her birthday so I wanted to celebrate a little early for my sake.

Yummy Cupcakes

I made Kate and Lola cupcakes.  I placed some pretty umbrellas into the cupcakes.  I also used a plain vanilla frosting but added coloring to a few of them to make them different colors.  Blue, peach and pink.  I placed everything on one of my mirrors that I made.  That way it looks kind of like everything is floating on a lake. 

Here I added some lovely flowers to some of my vintage cocktail glasses to make them a bit festive and pretty.


Kate and Lola eating some cupcakes.

In addition to the lovely Japanese maiden I also gave Kate a book and a DVD to go along with the theme.

Kate shares my love of the Asian cultures so I based this gift on an old 1957 movie, Sayonara, starring Marlon Brando, Red Buttons, James Garner and the beautiful Miiko Taka and Miyoshi Umeki.

I added the flower accent to the gift bag and the lovely Japanese girl necklace.

Here Marlon Brando’s character falls in love with a beautiful Japanese performer right after WWII when it was taboo to marry a Japanese girl.

The beautiful Hana-Ogi.

I gave Kate a choice as to which Japanese beauty that she wanted and she chose this one.

I also gave Kate two lovely bowls and spoons.

Also a

Beautiful Keepsake.


Birthday Craft Project

I also gave Kate this poster but I didn’t want to give it to her in the plain poster tube so I hot glued some origami paper all around it.  I think it looks great.


With Love,

Aunt Julie


July 2013

Star Wars Happy Birthday Breakfast

For Veronica

We are huge Star Wars fans and when I saw these pancake molds of Darth Vader, Yoda, and a storm trooper, I knew that she would love this.

We also threw in some other Star Wars goodies.  A Princess Leia bobble head doll, a few Star Wars cookie cutters placed around the tray, a vintage Star Wars poster, a Star Wars book and a Star Wars card.

Here’s Sugar,wishing she had that Star Wars breakfast.



Star Wars Cake

Happy Birthday Veronica!

My daughter loves home made cakes.  Here I found some old Star Wars action figures online from her favorite Star Wars movie, Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back.  It was so simple just to add them to the top of the cake.

“This ground sure feels strange.”

Princess Leia


Veronica with her cake.  She loved it, by the way.

Happy 26, Veronica!!