Sabi’s Cakes

Sabi’s Cakes

Vivien birthday number 4

Happy Birthday Vivien

I’d like to introduce you to my niece Vivien.  She lives in Ireland with my brother Johnny, who is her father, and her mother Sabina who is originally from the Czech Republic.  Sabina makes beautiful cakes and I asked her if I could post some of the photos of her cakes and create a blog post?  She told me that I could.  So here are just a sample of some of the cakes that she makes.

Sabina is an artist of sorts because she does all this just from sight.  She is very creative and talented and to me these cakes look as if they were professionally made.


Sabina even made some adorable booties out of fondant here.  I can picture them on top of a cake for a new baby. 

Vivien turned 4 here and wanted an M&M cake.

It looks great!

sc7_small sc9_small

sc5_small sc6_small

Vivien’s Birthday Party



I have asked Sabina for a write up of how she made the cake but she doesn’t write in English as good as she speaks it.  English is her 3rd. language, I believe.  But she did send me some lovely photos.  An experienced baker can figure it out.  I’m not experienced but I can at least use this as a guide and create something similar myself.  So can you!

sabina-cake-1_small m-and-m-cake

Every step in creating this cake she does keep it refrigerated.


Looks Delicious!


Thank you Sabina for sharing this with me.




 Vivien Turning 2

Here is another cake that Sabina made for Vivien out of fondant.

Peppa the Pig



Some Other Examples of Sabina’s Cakes


Here Vivien is helping to make the snowflake cake.

Her mouth is full, I’m sure she is the taste tester.



img_9801 img_9802

A Cake for Kate, Vivien’s Sister


Sabina with Vivien Halloween in Ireland

Vivien as Cinderella

Thanks to both of you for allowing me to share these photos on my website.


Aunt Julie