Breakfast With Brodie and Mackenzie

Breakfast With Brodie and Mackenzie






Good Morning

Welcome to Breakfast with Brodie and Mackenzie

 We have a few menu items you might enjoy.


Bagel and Lox


One Bagel (I use the Everything or Egg style bagels.)

Smoked Salmon

(I use Fresh Market’s Nova Bits which are like trimmings that’s half the price as the regular and still delicious)

Red Onion, sliced

Dill Sprigs

The Juice of 1 Lemon

1 Tbsp Capers

Plain Cream Cheese

Salt & Pepper

Tomato optional

First toast your bagel then allow it to cool down. This will help make spreading the cream cheese over the bagel easier. Spread the cream cheese in an even layer. Then take your capers and embed them into the cream cheese layer. (I use a fork to sprinkle the capers and press them into the cream cheese.) Then add a layer of red onion slices or rings. At this point I may add a slice of tomato. Now lay down a generous layer of smoked salmon.  Add as much dill on top as you like (it’s hard to overdo the dill so I add a lot).  Add salt and pepper and lemon juice. Indulge. This dish is one of our all time favorites.


Brodie and Mackenzie


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Steak and Eggs with Mushroom Gravy and Hash Brown Patties



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Have a Nice Day!

Brodie and Mackenzie