Kayak Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida

Kayak Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida





Me, Taking a Kayak Photo

Making Plans for our Mermazing Kayaking Trip to Weeki Wachee Springs

Me, Taking a Kayak Selfie


Rise and Shine Kayaker’s Breakfast

Today we will be spending our day kayaking Weeki Wachee Springs in Central Florida.  It is a 6 mile trip by kayak.  We need to start our day with a good breakfast.

Let’s start by slicing green, red, and yellow bell peppers into thick rings.

Add some olive oil to a sauce pan on a medium-high heat and then place a few of the rings to soften.

Once they have softened a little bit, crack an egg into each ring.

Place a lid onto the pan for just a few minutes so that the steam cooks the eggs and they don’t run when you try and flip them.

Gordon Flipping Our Bell Pepper Eggs

Just Top With Some Salt and Pepper  🙂

Grab and Go!

Oh, and we did end up running by McDonald’s for our favorite sausage biscuits and hash browns, and Egg McMuffins while on our way out to Weeki Wachee Springs.  Hey, we aren’t perfect here!  🙂


Kayak Snack

We always take food with us everywhere we go.  It is very nice to eat out occasionally, and we do, but a lot of times we take food with us.  It is more affordable and this way we do control our intake of food.  When you create your own menu then you control the calories, and the health of what you are eating.

Here we did bring with us some Key Limeade (made with an artificial sweetener), and some Key Lime Cookies for a little sweet treat.

(A nice little snack in the kayak.)

And Always Take Plenty of Water With You!

I also made a Fruit Salad to take with us.


AND, Some Lime Zest Bread…..

Here, Surrounded By My Fruit Salad,

and, Ke Ke Key Lime Liquor to Drizzle over top.


I had intended this as our dessert after dinner at the restaurant.

(Recipes Down Below)


Highlights of our Trip

March 1, 2020

Kayaking Weeki Wachee Springs, Spring Hill, Florida

Gordon and I wanted to take our children and their partner’s kayaking Weeki Wachee, but we had to literally coordinate 6 people’s schedules.  We had wanted to do this in January of this year but kept putting it off until we all finally agreed on March 1st.  But sadly, there was a death in our son-in-law’s family, his grandfather, so he and Veronica bowed out of our trip and it ended up just being myself, Gordon, our son Brodie, and his girlfriend Mackenzie.

Julie and Mackenzie

I do wish that Veronica and Brian had joined us this day in spite of their sadness.  Although they would have been sad, getting out into nature just makes you feel better.

Also, families are not just for laughter and happiness.  We are also for tears and sadness.  We would have understood and accepted their tears and pain with hugs and warmth.  We just wanted all of us to be together. 

So, it ended up being just the 4 of us.


Gordon and Julie

Mackenzie, Gordon, and Brodie

Brodie did have a hard time at first maneuvering the kayak as his center of gravity is higher than most because he is so tall.  Gordon initially had the same problem his first time out because he is very tall as well.  But it does take some practice.

Mackenzie was a Pro!

Manatee’s!  The very highlight of our adventure!

I Believe That They Loved Mackenzie!


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I love the Betta Fish.  They have such nice personalities.  And yes, fish do have personalities.  You can see my sweet Miranda in her cute little clam shell where she is resting.

I do love all the bright colors that I created for my sweet Miranda.


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Click Here For:  Weeki Wachee Kayak Rentals

This kayak rental is located on the same property as the Weeki Wachee Mermaid Park.  It is very convenient parking with bathrooms and changing rooms where you check in.  It really is ideal!

Here is their address:

6131 Commercial Way

Spring Hill, Florida  34606


At The End Of The Day…..

The Upper Deck

(Our view of The Upper Deck from our Kayaks.  After paddling 6 miles.)

The Upper Deck

(Our view of The Upper Deck from their parking lot.)

All of us extremely hungry from paddling 6 miles!

We Do Love The View

Mackenzie and Brodie

Our Cocktails

Clams, Shrimp Pizza, Grouper Cheeks…..


We were so hungry I believe we inhaled all the food.  🙂

Gordon and Brodie both ordered Shrimp Taco’s while Mackenzie and I ordered Fried Grouper with Slaw and Fries.

It Truly was a Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day!


But, now for the START of our Day!

The Four of Us in the Car on our Way to Weeki Wachee

I did bring along a Snake Bite Kit, just in case.


Great!  We are HERE!

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park


This is where we park to go kayaking.  It is on the same property as the mermaid show.  You just drive down this road to get to the area where you can go kayaking.

There is plenty of parking.

In the building you see here, there are bathrooms and changing rooms. 

You also check in here for your kayaking adventure.

Here, Gordon and Brodie and Mackenzie have checked in and are selecting their paddle for the kayak’s.

Here they are walking to the launch area.

As the family photographer, I tend to trail behind everyone taking photos of the signs of wildlife to look out for.


(I think we saw everything but a deer.)

Gordon, Brodie and Mackenzie choosing their kayak’s.


NOTE:  When choosing a kayak it is important to choose one with a higher back seat.  That way you will have a more pleasant trip than one with a lower seat. 

Mackenzie has Launched!

Brodie is Launching!

The morning started off a bit cool. 

Which is why Mackenzie is so covered up.

Right when I launched I saw this beautiful duck.


The Day Was Beautiful!

A Nice Sunny Warm Day

Mackenzie and Brodie

A Cormorant Swimming By


I do love the relationship of Brodie and Mackenzie. 

They are very cute together.

That would be ME, taking photos of Gordon.

That would be Gordon, taking photos of ME!

Brodie with the Manatee Sign.

The Cute Couple

This would be me, flowing backwards down the spring.

Everything is just so peaceful.

Brodie getting tangled into a tree.  🙂

Coming Across a Manatee!

This was so exciting!  Right underneath us!

One of the Beautiful Birds!  An Egret!

Looking Out For Manatee’s

Julie and Mackenzie Kayaking Ahead

Me, in my very peaceful kayak.


This Embankment is Truly Beautiful!



There were times when we were so isolated and tranquil, but then we would suddenly come across many houses along the embankment.  I did so love their docks.  Sometimes they had rope swings where you know they would use to swing out into the springs and then jump in for a nice swim.

I do envy all these homeowner’s along the springs embankment. 

How I would love that life along the waterside.


Brodie Looks Peaceful Here

Mackenzie Right Behind Him

 I always love trailing behind.  Going at my own pace.

We Came Across a Turtle…


So Very Sweet



What a lot of people don’t realize is that Water Moccasin’s are very aggressive snakes.  They do tend to skim across the water in search of their prey.  The old adage that if you stay away from them they will stay away from you is not true.  The Water Moccasin is a very aggressive snake and you need to steer well clear of.  Also, snakes have been known to fall into boats as they sail past.  That rule also applies to kayaks and row boats as well.  Remember that as you kayak down the springs under branches.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Kayak Selfie’s

Taking a Break

Another Lovely Duck



Mackenzie Going Underneath the Log


Approaching More Homes….

This Particular House is a Favorite of Mine!

It Just Looks Like Some Barbie Dream Swamp House.  🙂

I love the mural paintings and the steps leading up to the house from the spring.

The Mermaids and the Manatee’s are Perfect!

I also love the Swimming Pool Ladder Here.

It looks like I am behind now.  Everyone is ahead of me.  🙂

I do tend to lag behind when I am enjoying something special.


Approaching Hospital Hole

This area goes down 142 feet deep.  It’s called Hospital Hole due to the sulfur that helps fish and manatee’s to rid themselves of parasites.  This spot is frequented by divers and kayaker’s alike due to the frequent sightings of manatee’s.

 Hospital Hole


It was so remarkable to see manatee’s here.

They are such friendly animals that will come right up to you.




We came across two manatee’s that had a long gash along their backs.  Probably from a motorboat.  So sad, they are such gentle creatures.

Look at that sweet face!

I believe these manatees adore Mackenzie.


Gordon is Taking These Photos

Just Look at the Gashes From Motor Boats on their Backs

They Truly are Sweet

Now we are approaching the end of our journey.

Here you can see our restaurant where we have reservation’s, in the distance.

Once We Did Make It To Shore…..

There was a bus to pick us up and take us back here……

….where we started from.


So, while we change clothing and get settled….

Brodie and Mackenzie doing their thing.


The Upper Deck


5386 Darlene Street

Weeki Wachee, Florida  34607


You can even pull right up to the restaurant in your kayak. 

There is also a kayak rental right next door as well.

Mermaids and Manatees

Can’t Wait to go Back!


Lime Zest Cupcakes

Lime Zest Bread

(I had some extra batter so I made some cupcakes.)



3 Cups All Purpose Flour

2/3 Cup Butter/Margarine

1 3/4 Cups Sugar

3/4 t. Salt

2 1/2 t. Baking Powder

4 Eggs

1/2 t. Vanilla

1 Cup Milk

3 Limes, Zest and Juice


Here I am allowing my eggs and butter/margarine to come to room temperature.

You will need an electric mixer for this. 

So, in a large bowl cream the butter/margarine and the sugar together.

Then you add all 4 of your eggs to the sugar and butter mixture.

Also add your vanilla.

Now you want to zest your limes/key limes into the bowl.  I love lots of zest so add as much or as little as you like.  I did 3 limes here.

Stir and Blend Together


Like So…..

In a separate bowl combine your all purpose flour, baking powder and salt.  Whisk together. 

Now it’s time to add the dry ingredients to the wet.  But, you want to alternate between the dry and the 1 cup of milk.  So, add a little bit of the dry, then a little bit of milk, mixing the whole time with your mixer on a low setting and scraping the bowl with your spatula all at the same time.  🙂

Look at that beautiful batter!

And it tastes delicious just as it is!

Now it’s time to preheat the oven on 350F and time to grease your loaf pans with Crisco.

Just Pour Into Loaf Pan and Bake for 45-55 minutes.

Be sure to test with a toothpick to make sure it comes out clean. 

Then you know it is ready.

Let thoroughly cool before removing from loaf pan.

I ended up doubling the recipe and made a few to give away as gifts. 


This was one of those breads that I kept for us to eat here at home with some leftover fruit salad.

Drizzled with some Key Lime Liquor was perfect!  I just wish that I had some zest leftover, that would have been the icing on the bread.  🙂


Melon and Papaya Fruit Salad


1 Cantelope

1 Honey Dew Melon

1 Papaya

5 Kiwi Fruit

1 Bunch of Grapes

3 Limes, Zest and Juice

1 Sugar Free Orange Marmalade with Zest

Some Lime Margarita Mix to Taste



The first thing that I did was to slice the melon’s in half and remove the seeds.  I then used a melon baller to scoop out the melon’s into round balls and placed into a bowl.

I also added a bunch of green grapes.

Next comes the Kiwi Fruit

I peeled it and then sliced it into small pieces.

Stir Together

I then sliced a Papaya in half and scooped out those seeds and used my melon baller to scoop out the fruit.

Sugar Free Orange Marmalade

I added some to a mixing bowl along with some lime zest, lime juice, and some lime margarita mix. 

Just a few teaspoons.

Mix Together

Now it’s time to add your fruit.

I let this sit overnight as kind of a marinade. 

Then the next morning I drained some of the liquid out of it so that it wasn’t so swamped.


I placed some into containers to take with us on our kayaking adventure.

And I set aside one to keep here at home for us to enjoy.

Puts a Peach and Green smile on my face! 


Everything is always better on the water.


(Especially while wearing my new water shoes.)  🙂