Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day






Happy Valentine’s Day

I have always loved Valentine’s Day.

Probably because my birthday is the day before and I’ve always had these two great days together.

I had many birthday’s that had Valentine themes with Cupids and Red Roses, Hearts and Red Velvet when I was growing up.


Just a few past birthday’s with cake and ice cream.

Some of my birthday’s from when I was a young girl.


The little dolls and trinkets you see here were gifts to me when I was young.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a box of Chocolates.


This year we decided to try our hand at a Valentine’s Day treat,

Cherries Jubilee


We made our version of this famous dessert very easy. 

All the beauty and taste without a bunch of fuss or expense.  Here is what we did……


Our Ingredients:

2 Boxes of Sugar Free Brownie Mixes, (and the package ingredients of eggs, water, and vegetable oil.)

2 Jars of Maraschino Cherries, drained (preferably without the stems.)

Can of Cherry Pie Filling, any brand you prefer.

Cupcake Cups

Sugar Cubes

White Rum, 4 T.


My Baking Pans lined with Cupcake Cups

(Just in case you are wondering what those spikes are in my muffin tin on the left in the photo above, it is a special tin that you can place something on that spike and keep it secure while you pour your batter around it.  But here it isn’t necessary as I like the cherries to float around the cupcake cup and  not be so stationary.)

Each brownie mix called for one egg.  I was so impressed with how strong this little egg was.  That has to be the toughest membrane I’m ever come across.  And of course I removed all the shells and didn’t add them to the batter.  I just liked the shot of the tough egg in the batter, hence the photo.

I like these brownie recipes because they taste good and they are easy to make.

As usual I am always standing on the stool taking photos and it just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without red toes.  🙂


I drained a jar of Maraschino Cherries of it’s juice and placed about 1-3 in each cupcake cup.

I then placed the Brownie Mixture into the cups over the Cherries.

Bake according to Package Instructions.

Letting them cool on a cooling rack. 

I did leave a few just like this as I thought they were perfect here.  🙂

I’m very excited for my Valentine Treat!


Now it’s time to soak the Sugar Cubes in about 2 T. of White Rum. 

As many as you like.


Time to heat up the Cherry Pie Filling in a pot on the stove top.



While the Sugar Cubes are soaking in the White Rum it’s now time to add some to the Cherry Pie Filling.

Just add about 2 T. of the White Rum here and stir through.

It’s now time to place your Cupcake Brownies onto a nonflammable plate.

We are using a glass one for this.

Just spoon the Cherry Pie Filling over the top and let the goo run down the sides.  🙂

Like so……

Here Gordon is placing a White Rum soaked Sugar Cube on top of each Brownie.

I’m just gonna snack on these while I wait for the fireworks!  🙂

Now you add the flame!

It was subtle, but nice.  Had we used a higher proof of alcohol the flame would have been higher.

We hope your day was very SWEET!


Pretty in Pink Hydrangea’s

(Find the Lollipop)

This was a dessert that I quickly whipped up by slicing a ready made roll cake and arranging the slices on a plate.  I then drizzled some raspberry jelly that I melted down in the microwave on top of the cakes and added some fresh raspberries.  Topped it off with some of my backyard orchids.

I think it’s look very beautiful!

This is a raspberry vanilla ice cream topped with some fresh raspberry’s and I also added some guava paste that I purchased at the Latin Supermarket, that I had chopped up into little squares.  It provided an excellent “chew” to the dessert.  That guava paste is also delicious on it’s own!


Just a few of my Valentine goodies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hearts in the Garden