Feliz Navidad a Casa Whann

Feliz Navidad a Casa Whann




En Construccion!!!


O.K.  I’ve got my lists.


We have our Feliz Navidad on Saturday.  I think Joseph is coming so we need to include him.  Veronica is in Tennessee now but she will be back by then.  I just hope Brian isn’t working any of his 48 hour shifts at the fire house.  I also hope that Mackenzie isn’t in school that weekend in St. Augustine.  Well, alright then, let’s go!  Hurry up Gordon what are you waiting for?  Me?  Just because I am the last one in the car doesn’t mean I am late.  Honestly!  🙁

First stop:  Tuesday Morning

Second Stop:  The Asian Supermarket

Third Stop:  The Spanish Supermarket

Fourth Stop:  Grocery Store

Then home!




Me, with our dogs Spooky and Sparky.

Celebrating Feliz Navidad, Our Way

Our Feliz Navidad Table