July 4th. Extras

July 4th. Extras


Coming Independence Day 2020!

If we are still a democracy…… Stay Tuned!!!

Good Morning Patriots!

Let’s start our day off right with some Berry Muffins, Liberty Cherries, Milk from God Given Cows, and some pink juice that I forgot what it was. 

(The muffins were just made from a few packets where all you add is some milk and an egg.  Very easy and tasty too.  And the pretty glasses are just vintage peanut butter jars.)

Don’t forget the Flag of Freedom Napkins! 

(Cause napkins aren’t free.)

I salute you Patriots!


Happy Independence Day

My Intimate Table for Two

The pot was hot so I placed one of my basket liners around it.  I like the look of it.  Very pretty and picnicy, plus it is doing it’s duty as a hot pad to protect my table.

Usually our 4th.’s are pretty big affairs with lots of cooking, lots of food, lots of drink, but this particular year Gordon was working overseas and it was just me and our son Brodie.

It is tradition in my family from growing up in Georgia that we always eat Brunswick Stew and Barbeque every July 4th.  Usually my Grandmother would cook the Brunswick Stew and my mother would swing by this little shack of a business in Rome, Georgia that sold the best pulled pork BBQ and bring that over to my Grandmother’s house, along with some hamburger buns and condiments.

July 4th., 1993, Grandmaw Nell’s House, Raymond Avenue, Rome, Georgia

That is me in on the left wearing all RED.  My Grandmother is in the center wearing a white shirt with red and blue strips.  We are standing in her converted screened in enclosure where she entertained quite a bit out there in the summer’s.


 Julie’s Brunswick Stew

(Based on my Grandmother’s Recipe.)

If you would like the recipe…….

Click Here For:  Brunswick Stew, Cheese Straws, and Angel Food Cake

I had made a huge batch of Brunswick Stew prior to and had several containers frozen in my freezer so it was just a matter of thawing some out and heating it up.  Easy enough!


The rest of my intimate 4th. was about purchasing some ready-made pulled pork, buns, condiments, Corn on the Cob, and lots of pickled items.  Okra, Green Tomatoes, Dill Spears, Bread and Butter Pickles, Hot Sauce, and our Corn Relish.

My Red, White and Blue Potatoes

I decided that I wanted some potatoes with this meal so I placed them into some aluminum foil.  The potatoes, the garlic cloves, some margarine, and our fresh herbs.  Oh, and I sprinkled sea salt flakes over top, and some freshly ground black pepper.

I just placed everything on a baking sheet covered in foil (wrapped the potatoes in foil), and placed it in a 350F oven for about 35-45 minutes or so.  I knew they were done when I could slide a fork into the potatoes.

NOTE:  Before baking potatoes always poke a few holes in them so that they don’t explode while in the oven or microwave.


My Retro 4th.

I just wanted to base this on our past Independence Day celebrations and the foods I ate with my family.


I LOVE a Busy Table


Julie’s 4th. Dinner Plate

(That’s our homemade Corn Relish topped on my BBQ sandwich.)


If you would like our Corn Relish Recipes, and many other July 4th. recipes…..

Click Here For:  Corn on the 4th. of July


My President’s of the United States Place Mats

Who other than me is going to own these?  🙂

Purchased on one of several trips to Washington, D.C..  How I do love souvenir’s. 

Fun Fact about ME:  I grew up with a disorder where I would have to read every word of anything that was in front of me whether it be on cans of food, cereal boxes, books, magazines, medicine bottles, etc.  So, placing something like this in front of me would keep my occupied for quite awhile as I would read every single word!  Oh, and I also sit there and read all the movie credits although not as much as I used to.  🙂

Some Facts About The Presidents


My leftover Brunswick Stew and Oyster Crackers.  I did place the crackers over the faces of the President’s that I don’t like.  However, I see that I forgot Nixon!

I also loved using my daughter’s old Girl Scout camping plate, bowl and utensils where I painted her initials in red nail polish. 

Those were the days.  🙂

Don’t forget the Coke!

My hometown of Rome, Georgia has a Coca-Cola plant where Gordon used to work when we were dating and engaged to be married.  And just an FYI:  Rome, Georgia consumes more Coke than anywhere else in America.  🙂

Happy 4th. of July!