Ghostly Frights Bites with Tasty Spirits

Ghostly Frights Bites with Tasty Spirits


Happy Halloween!

Gordon Carving our Halloween Pumpkin

The Toasted Ghost (Cocktail)

Ghost Busters Toasting the Marshmallow Man


Gordon Toasting the (Delicious) Marshmallow Men


Julie Enjoying a Toasted Ghost Cocktail

Our Ghostly Grilled Cheese Sandwich



Every year this is something that we do:  Carve a pumpkin, and enjoy a delicious meal themed on Halloween!  Sometimes we have several themes in a year.  Other times, we just have a few.  This one is a lovely ghost themed cocktail and dinner.  I told Gordon that I wanted everything white, as in Ghostly White!


The Original Ghost Busters (1984)

(My Favorite)

(Who ya gonna call?)

As much of a feminist that I am, there is no improving the original Ghost Busters by suddenly substituting a female cast. 

Ghost Busters was, after all, their movie!  They wrote it, starred in it, directed it!!  It’s their’s!  Just as you can’t take my life story and make it yours.  No one can take their story and make it someone else’s story.


The Boys from Stranger Things, Halloween (2017)

I have to say that I LOVE this series!  Veronica gave us Season 1 and Gordon and I were glued in every episode!  We love it!  The characters are wonderful!  The theme is wonderful!  The story is wonderful!  The cast is wonderful! 

The bravery of some of the characters is quite admirable.  My favorite part of this whole franchise is the friendship of the 4 boys.  I love that they went trick-or-treating as

The Ghost Busters.

Their Friendship is Special!



My Ghost Buster Gals

As much as I LOVE these girls, the boys did it better!  (2016)

(I also don’t think that anyone has written a part good enough for Kate McKinnon.  In my opinion she is probably the most talented person that I have ever seen on t.v. or movies.  It will take someone just as talented as her to write her a good enough script.)


The Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man


In honor of the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man Gordon created…..

The Toasted Ghost Cocktail

Drink Recipe

Garnish with Grated Sweet Coconut and Marshmallow Ghosts


1 part – Malibu Rum

1 part – Rum Chata

2 parts – Mr. T’s Pina Colada Mix

2 – Goya Coconut Water

1 part – Skinny Syrup “Vanilla Almond” 

Grated Coconut

1 Cup – Ice



I can always make Gordon laugh.  🙂


Julie’s Microwave Selfie (Hi!!)

(I am the photographer after all.)

Pour the Malibu Rum into your shot glass that you will use for each pour part, or shot glass full, and empty all the rest of the ingredients mentioned below into your blender.

Then add 1 part Rum Chata and 2 parts (2 shot pours) of Mr. T’s Pina Colada

Now, pour in 2 containers of Goya Coconut Water

Then 1 part of Skinny Syrup “Vanilla Almond”

Lastly, add 1 cup of ice to the blender…

And blend until frothy and smooth

Pour the mixture into your ghostly glass

And now garnish the top of the drink with the Grated Sweet Coconut and your Marshmallow Ghosts

Gordon Toasting the Marshmallow Men



Ya know, this is pretty good.

I love coconut!

Back to Pumpkin Carving……


Now it’s time for a sandwich……..

The Toasted Ghost Sandwich



2 Tbs. Olive Oil

1 Med. White Onion sliced thinly

3 – Sour Dough Bread slices

Miracle Whip, or Mayonnaise as needed

3 – Provolone Cheese slices

2 – Roasted Turkey slices

3 – Aged Swiss Cheese slices

3 – Sharp White Cheddar slices

Garlic Salt to taste

Jumbo Black Olives – sliced for eyes

Diced Pimento as needed


Slice your white onion thinly as shown

Add your olive oil to a sauté pan preferably non-stick and heat to medium heat

When to temperature, add your sliced onion…

you will likely make more than one sandwich so you will use all of the sliced onions.

Saute “To Flip” as shown and cook until softened, but not caramelized and brown

Delicious Onions

Add your Miracle Whip, or Mayonnaise to one side of one slice of your sour dough bread


Using a preheated to medium heat cast iron skillet, add your bread slice Miracle Whip side down to the pan.

Place on your provolone cheese and your roasted turkey slices

Place Miracle Whip to another slice of bread…

This is a Triple Decker Sandwich

And place it Miracle Whip side down on top of the roasted turkey slices

Now, smooth on top of the bread some more Miracle Whip

Add your aged Swiss Cheese slices

Now, place some of your sautéed onions on top of the Swiss Cheese

Lastly, layer your sharp white cheddar cheese slices on top of the onions

And add your last slice of bread with Miracle Whip on top.  Add a dash of garlic salt to the top of the bread

By now, your bread is likely at the golden-brown stage and ready to be flipped using a spatula

Cook for a few minutes on the other side and remove when golden-brown and again add a dash of your garlic salt

Garnish with your black olive eyes and red pimento dices and you are all set!


Oh, and uh, Gordon finished carving the pumpkin!

Pirate Ship


Have a Spooktacular Halloween,

Gordon and Julie

(Just try not to get Slimmed!)