My Nifty 50’s Skincare

My Nifty 50’s Skincare

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My Nifty 50’s Skincare

I’ve been asked by a few as to why I never really talk about Skin Care and Cosmetics on my website since that was my main working experience in life?  Not to mention my years of modeling in Charlotte, North Carolina and I was also in the Miss North Carolina/USA Beauty Pageant in my early 20’s.  (And just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about me.)  🙂

I started out with Estee Lauder, but I was then given my own cosmetic line with Germain Monteil, then when Gordon and I got married and we moved down to Florida I was with Lancome Cosmetics.  Interestingly I always wanted to sell Lancaster Cosmetics, as that is my maiden name. 

My ‘Fully Loaded’ Cosmetic Case

The Germaine Monteil cosmetic line was dissolved many years ago but I do spot the products in other skin care and cosmetic lines.  I was selling a cream back in 1984 that you would apply to your wrinkles and they would plump out and disappear!  Now I see that same product being sold by another company.  I can only assume that the formula was sold.

I am Julie Lancaster-Whann and I am 57. 

My Bathroom Counter

I would like to state that I am not here to sell you anything.  I do not represent any company.  I also want to state that I have never had any work done whatsoever to my face or my body, I’ve just always taken care of my skin.  But skincare, cosmetics, and beauty are so much more than just applying, as my grandmother would say, “Cold cream and paint.”

“Are you going to paint your face today, Julie?”  Grammaw Nellie Mae

My Bathroom

I’ve Had These Hot Curlers Since College

My “Nude Beach” Eye Shadows

Come on Ladies, the Bathroom is Where we Have Spent a Lot of Time Over the Years.

 Smile, It’s the Best Facelift You Can Ever Have

(And the cheapest.)


But working on our skin really does start in our youth. 

Start using a throat cream on a daily basis in your 20’s and you won’t have that turkey waddle in your 50’s.

Gordon and Julie in Hawaii

I am 29 here and Gordon is 25.

(My hair was curled by those hot rollers in the photo above, that I still use occasionally.)


 So, welcome!

I will do my best to pass on various tips and hints.

  This blog post isn’t about ‘how to apply makeup.’  Most women know how to do that.  It’s more about taking the time to make your skin a priority.  You don’t need to buy the most expensive creams, but buy something and use it every day. 

When I left the cosmetic world and I would go back and see some of the same women that I worked with, they looked the SAME!  Even years later.  THAT is what I want to teach you.  None of this is going to shave year’s off of you.  Although it will make you look better.  But by doing something for your skin and continuing to do so, can help you look the SAME years from now.

This isn’t about turning back the clock, it’s about slowing down the clock.

Thank you for being here,

Julie Lancaster-Whann


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Gifts From Abroad, from Gordon



Cosmetics, Lancome Counter

As a former Lancome cosmetic rep, I always love to check out the Lancome Cosmetic Counter and even buy a few things to add to my cosmetic collections.  I assure you that it is an excellent cosmetic line.



The very last thing that I do before I walk out the door is to apply sunscreen to my exposed areas.  Typically, the dress you see me in above is how I dress whenever I am out and about.  My arms, neck, chest, face, legs, all exposed.  The moisurizer’s that I wear on my face all have an SPF in them, along with the make up that I apply to my face.  So, my face is protected.  But look at my ears?  They are exposed as well.  The back of my neck, same thing.  Those areas are usually very neglected by most people when it comes to applying sunscreen.  Put more thought into those exposed areas that we tend to neglect.

Living in Florida where we have warm weather most of the year, sunscreen needs to be a part of everyday routine.  Not just when we go to the beach or spend time outside, but doing simple things like running errands, shopping, walking the dog….

I also think that people that don’t live in places like Florida need to really put more thought into the importance of wearing sunscreen in colder climates as well.  Your face is exposed, hands, necks, and even scalps from thinning hair lines. 

In other words better safe than sorry.



Having Trouble Seeing to put on my Make up

My One Lens Magnifying Glasses that Swivel

(I bought 2 pairs.  One for home, and one for travel.)

The older that I get the harder it is for me to see when I apply my make up, especially my liquid eyeliners and mascaras.  I’ve been looking around for more helpful ways in order to make my life a little bit easier, not messier.  (As in having liquid liner and mascara smeared because I can’t see to do it properly.)

I made 2 purchases.  A magnifying mirror with suction cups to stick to my bathroom mirror, and the magnifying glasses.

Contact lenses aren’t really an option for me because I have astigmatism in one eye.  And I just have no desire to put something in my eye.  Even the thought of that makes me ill.  So, I just wear glasses.  Or in this case a strong magnifying glasses when I get ready.

Either way, my make up looks much better now and I don’t have to do all the correcting that I used to.  🙂


August 17, 2018

Skin Cancer Update, etc.

It looks like I will be fine.  The photo below was taken the day my stitches were removed.  The bandage is a skin colored one that is supposed to drop off anywhere between 1-4 days.


This photo was taken the morning that my stitches were removed.  Although it is hard to see, you can see the area on my shoulder.

Vaseline and Bandages (Adhesive Island Dressing)

That is the name of them, Island Dressing.

Every time I put one on I want a salad with some exotic papaya dressing.  🙂

These bandages are excellent for this!  I buy them at this pharmaceutical place.  They are expensive though.  I bought 17 of them and paid around $50.00.  But, they stayed put!  In spite of all the sweating that we do here in Florida I never had any problems with these bandages.

My Bathroom Counter

Always full of beauty and sun products.

I’m thinking about spray painting those baskets on my white shelf, white.  What do you think?

And I need to tidy it up a bit.


My Bathtub

My Tub in my Bathroom…..

I have been cleaning everything to perfection.  🙂

Buying some new towels and rugs……


With Gordon overseas for the foreseeable future, it has always been something of a tradition of mine to remake my bathroom and bedroom into a Julie Bathroom, and a Julie Bedroom.  I do this because it is important to remake it all into me.  It’s nice to be the only person using the bathroom.  It stays nicer longer.  I have to find something good about Gordon’s deployment otherwise I would just cry all the time.  So, I bring out my girly, frilly, things and set them about.  That way I am remaking it into mine and I’m able to enjoy them.

We have to find something to look forward to.  There are advantages to having your spouse gone for awhile.  You just need to focus on those things and it makes the time go by quicker.  For me it is to remake our bathroom and bedroom.

I’ll talk more about this later on but it is o.k. for you to enjoy the fact that they are gone for awhile. 🙂

(I now control the t.v. and can have some boring marathon on this or that without hearing Gordon say, “Do we really need to watch another episode of Monk?”) 

Bright side,



My “Ped Egg” and Lotion

I don’t know if calling the foot thing above a “Ped Egg” is the right thing seeing as how it isn’t an official “Ped Egg.”  A Ped Egg is a kind of grate that you move all over your feet to remove the dead skin.  There are a few other brands out there, this particular one I believe is Revlon.  Anyway, once a week I use it on my feet to remove the dead skin.  My feet look and feel so much nicer and healthier when I use it.

I consider it foot health,



August 2018

Skin Cancer

I see a Dermatologist every 6 months.  I do this because I live in Florida and have had a life in the sun my entire life.  Starting as a child in the south roaming around the outdoors, or at the city pool, or vacations to Florida, with no sun protection.  And a life of beachy living as an adult in Florida, Hawaii, and back to Florida again.

Recently, it was discovered that I had skin cancer.  I mean REAL skin cancer.  The basil cell.  I thought that I had had skin cancer prior to this diagnosis.  But I discovered that I actually hadn’t.  They were just referring to a possible skin cancer, and not an actual skin cancer.  In other words, when my medical professionals were saying “let’s get that skin cancer” they were just referring to a PRE-CANCER, and not an actual cancer.  I do have to say that I am a bit dumbfounded. I don’t think the word, CANCER, should be thrown around unless there is actual cancer.  Let’s call it Pre-Cancer, if that is what it is.  So, for the past 4 years I actually thought that I had skin cancer.  But NO!  It was a pre-cancer that they were able to remove.

Here I am showing you some of the Pre-Cancer that they found on my body.  I was given a medication that brings out the pre-cancer and inflames it, then kills it.  Luckily I have good health insurance because the medication retails for $800.00 and I only paid $17.00 for it.

Well, at 57 they finally, actually, found basil cell skin cancer on my body and removed it.  The basil cell is the mildest form of skin cancer and the one that is survivable.  So, I am fine.  I will most likely have a scar on my shoulder.  But as my husband says, “I love your scars.”  🙂

What I am upset about was that I was scared unnecessarily with the language of my medical professional’s.  I hardly call them “professionals” But, I am doing all that I can to keep myself healthy and that is all that I can do.



A Love Story

If there were an Olympic Medal for this, I would surely win the Broooooonze!!!!  🙂

I have to say that in the past, and I do believe that it still does exist, this notion that a tan makes us look better, healthier, prettier….  When I was young a nice sunkist face was always beautiful.  Rosy cheeks, a lovely blush, a tan, was always considered beautiful.  And I do still think someone with a tan looks so much nicer than someone pale.  Whether or not that notion is ingrained in my psyche, or whether or not it is actually true, I have no idea.  But I do know that in my opinion, I look much better with a tan, than without.

It actually started for me when I was in the 5th. grade.  The boys were so mean and rude to me when I was pale, but boy they paid attention to me when I had a tan.  For some reason a tan just a made me look better, more attractive.  I even used to date a guy that asked me one day, “Why do you look so good now?  Oh, it’s your tan.” 

Pathetic, isn’t it?  That a few shades darker suddenly turns me into some hot babe.  Whereas my regular skin color is so unattractive as to not even be noticed?  I do believe that I carry that notion around with me throughout my life.  However, I know that if I sun myself as much as I would love to that I will just look old, haggard and wrinkled, so I have discovered the next best thing………………..SELF TANNER!!!!

I do have a love affair with any self tanner.  It started with QT.  Remember that brand?  QT?  Quick Tan!

It became my main beauty regime.  My QT!

My QT did evolve through the years as more and more beauty and cosmetic lines started carrying their own self-tanners.  Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, etc., etc., etc.,…..

I do remember being laughed at by my peers for daring to use a self tanning product and not have a REAL tan!  Looking back, I think I made wiser decisions than my peers when it came to taking care of my skin.

I do, without a doubt still tan.  Whether it be at the beach, out in the garden, outside, running errands, etc.  But I use a hell of a lot of sunscreen and I always cover my face.  Whether it be with a hat and lots of sunscreen, or with a beach towel, sunglasses, etc.

But, I do still have it ingrained in my psyche that a tan is beautiful!  So, I will always have a love affair with self-tanner’s!  I guess that is better than being out in the sun.  🙂



February 17, 2017

Nap Time

Believe it or not but this is part of skin care. 

Taking naps does not only refresh the body but it does also refresh the skin, especially in your 50’s.

Also, did you know that sleeping on your back doesn’t cause wrinkles?

Try it!


The Gift of Beauty

(I also like to throw in some joke gifts.  The Voo-Doo kit to catch a man, and the Love Potion from the Harry Potter theme park at Universal.)

For Kate

I actually bought all this for my niece Kate’s birthday a few years ago.  She’s now 18 and as with all young women, and some young men, a gift like this is always a welcome sight. 

When it comes to things like make up brands and colors, unless you hear directly from the gift recipient exactly what they want, then I would leave that sort of thing up to them to purchase.  (Cash gifts or Gift Certificates work well there.)  However, things like bath products, tweezers, electric shavers, loofahs, etc. are something that you can buy for them to add to their bathroom ensemble and even their travel kits. 

In the case of my niece Kate, she’s now off at Trinity Collage in Dublin and living on a budget.  College students do tend to appreciate anything you send them.  🙂


February 1, 2018

My Great-Aunt Margie’s Curlers

And My Old Pink Foam Curlers

When my great-aunt died my mother and I were allowed to take some of her things.  I saw this old cigar box full of her hair curlers and I asked if I could have them?  I was told yes but I got some strange looks from my mother because I wanted them.  The reason why I wanted them was because my great-aunt had hair down to her waist but she always wore it up in a bun on top of her head.  She had brown wavy hair with some gray.  But she retained her brown hair color into her 80’s. 

She was known for her long hair and her huge costume jewelry collection.  (I was lucky enough to get a few pieces of it.  The jewelry, not the hair.)  🙂

I LOVE the GREEN on the side of the box.

I just like looking at them.  I think they are very pretty and if I find a use for them then I will transform them into something else.  But for now they are safely tucked away in the cigar box.


January 31, 2018

Moisturizers with Sunscreen

I failed to mention below, that many moisturizers come with an SPF of 15 or more.  An added bonus to your skin.  Check to see that your daily moisturizers do as well, and if they don’t then you might want to consider using one that does.


January 17, 2018

 Always Wash Your Make Up Off Before You Go To Bed!

That is the most important skincare advice that I could ever give you. 

My Bathroom

When I worked in cosmetics and I would interview customers on their skincare regimen I was always so surprised to hear that so many of them didn’t wash their make up off at night?  Why, for heaven’s sake not?  Who wants to go to bed with all that on their face?  I like going to bed with a clean, fresh, moisturized face.

I was also really surprised that these women didn’t seem to realize that they were doing anything wrong?

I would also hear them ask, “Do we really need to do all that?” 

And my answer would always be that it depends on what you want to look like in the future?  Do want want to wear turtle necks and scarves to hide your throat like so many women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s do? 

My mother’s generation of Meryl Norman Cosmetics and Dippity Do styling products, mainly focused on the woman’s face from the chin up.  My generation of cosmetic lines focused on the woman’s throat and up.  And now this generation is focusing on the cleavage and upward.  But one thing I’ve done religiously since I was in college was that when I get out of the shower while my body is still damp, I use a body lotion from my chin down to my feet.  I also have a lotion that I use specifically on my feet, and then of course, there are the day and night moisturizers and night creams that I use on my face and throat.  I’ve done this since I was 19.  So, considering that I have spent most of my life out in the sun, I do look pretty good.  THAT is due to all the moisturizers that I use, and have used for decades.

However, you do not need to spend a fortune on these products.

  I may use products from Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Clinique, but I also use Oil of Olay, Loreal, Lubriderm, Eucerin…..


While my girlfriends growing up were outside laying in the sun using nothing but baby oil, I was using my QT (Quick Tan), a fake tanning lotion.  (I didn’t become a sun worshiper until my early 20’s, and even then I always had a fake tan product on my body most of the time which was also a barrier against the sun.)  I also still use the fake tanner’s occasionally.

I also always had make up on.  Oh, they would laugh at me for wearing make up to the beach, or the pool, etc. but by having the make up on I at least had something on my face that was a barrier against the sun, whereas they didn’t have anything.  Revisiting some people that I used to know growing up, back when I was in my 40’s, was a big surprise to me because some of them had aged so quickly.  It was all sun damage too.  The deep lines on their faces….

Don’t get me wrong, I have sun damage as well, but considering that I did grow up in the south and I was outside most every spring and summer before there was even sunscreen.  And that I have lived almost my entire adult life in Florida and Hawaii.  Given the amount of outdoor time I’ve had, I do look pretty good considering.  I attribute that to make up, fake tanners, body lotion, sunscreen, and hats.

 My generation of young women also spent a lot of time in tanning beds.  I never did.  Most of the women that were my age were very critical of me for using my fake tanning products because after all, my tan was FAKE whereas their tan was REAL!  One woman in particular that I worked with, her name was Julia, was a serious tanner and even at her very young age, mid twenty’s, her chest was covered in large brown blotches. 

I too have my share of brown blotches, sun spots, but mine didn’t start to appear until my mid 40’s so I can only imagine what Julia must look like today?  (Don’t worry, she’ll never read this.  I haven’t seen her in over 30 years, I’m sure she’s forgotten all about me.) 


My Facial Soap, Clinique Extra Mild

But, I wanted to start off with the importance of washing your make up off before you go to bed, because it is the most important thing you can do for your facial skin.

You aren’t just washing your make up off, you are washing everything that stuck to it throughout the day.  Dirt, pollution…

 I like using a bar soap as opposed to a creamy liquid because the bar of soap lasts longer so you get more for your money.  I also still use a “Buff Puff” from my teenage days, (not the same one, of course), but because it is a bit rough I am exfoliating my skin as well as washing it.  Which is why men tend to look good as they age because they shave every day.  Same concept.  Just make sure that you DON’T use the “puff” close to the skin underneath your eyes.  It’s very delicate skin which is why we wrinkle there first.

My Reflection


I’ve finished washing my face and now I’m gently patting my face dry. 

I always use old washcloths for this because our cosmetics stains them and I don’t want to ruin any of our good towels.

My Toner and Eye Make Up Removers

Gordon did take photos of me using the eye make up remover and my toner but our bathroom lighting just isn’t very good and the photos didn’t turn out well.

I mainly use the Clinique ‘take the day off’ eye makeup remover but I will try anything new that interests me.  The Estee Lauder one came in one of those kits that I like to buy around Christmas.

But an eye make up remover is important because it is specifically made for the eye area.  You don’t just want to use anything around your eyes.


NOTE:  Do NOT rub the eye area very hard, be gentle!  Also, remove the eye make up toward the bridge of your nose, NOT the other way!!  You are just stretching that delicate area creating wrinkles if you start at the bridge and wipe outward!!



 A lot of women don’t use a toner but I love to! 

After I’ve washed my make up off my face there is always a bit of residue leftover in the make up itself, and a bit of cleanser. 

The toner will remove what you didn’t.

For YEARS I used the Clinique toner for very dry skin.  It was a pretty cloudy greenish -white liquid and I loved it!  BUT, they did away with it and replaced it with something else. 

Interestingly enough it has a strong odor of alcohol!  Alcohol is very drying to the skin so why in the world would Clinique put alcohol in their toner for dry skin?  Wouldn’t they know that?  I’m sure they do!  Perhaps this is their way of drying out our skin so that we buy more moisturizers?  I do wonder sometimes……

 So, even though the Estee Lauder toner is more expensive, it is comparable to the old Clinique one that I liked.  But I am open to finding something a bit cheaper from another cosmetic line.


My Lip Moisturizers

With the exception of Chapstick and Lip Sticks, Lip Moisturizers are fairly new.  I’ve been using the Clinique, All About Lips for many years.  I use it all over my lips and even on the skin around my mouth, every morning and night when I moisturize my face.  HOWEVER, I have just discovered this wonderful Blistex Conditioning Lip Serum that I think is BETTER, And I love the way it smells!  It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than Clinique too!

So, Goodbye Clinique, Hello Blistex!

I also then to use the various Chapstick brands of waxy lip moisturizers as well.  They may not penetrate down into my skin like the Clinique, All About Lips, or the Blistex Conditioning Lip Serum, but they do keep this waxy barrier on my lips that’s good against the elements.  It’s a protective barrier.  I do keep one of the Chapsticks products on my nightstand so that when I wake up in the middle of the night and take a sip of water, sometime my lips feel dry so I apply some.  But NOT just to my lips!  I apply the Chapstick all over my mouth especially the skin around my lips.

If you notice how elderly people’s lips sometimes look like they are sinking into their mouth and they sort of disappear as they age?  Well, I don’t want to look like that.  So, I apply lots of moisture to my mouth and my lips, and the skin around my lips, throughout the day. 

I usually keep a few around the house so that I don’t have to keep running to the bathroom to apply a lip moisturizer.  I’ve got one right here by my computer that’s handy.


My Facial Moisturizers


 Night and Day

Different Eye Creams and Moisturizers for Night and for Day

 Because I used to sell Estee Lauder and Lancome I am still familiar with their products.  They were always good quality creams so for that reason I do still stick with them.  I also use a few Clinique products although I am kind of phasing them out.  If they are putting alcohol in their toner for dry skin now, then what else have they changed?  I’m not too happy with them anymore. 

Oh, and p.s., they wear those white lab coats so that you will see them as medical professional pharmaceutical reps and not cosmetic reps.



Isabella Rossellini was the face of Lancome when I was working.

The Lancome moisturizers were initially creams for burn victims in hospitals in France.  They worked so well in helping to heal those burns, and even repair some of the damage to skin, that the creams were then packaged as beauty products.  (I’m assuming they still use the same recipe, though hopefully in an evolved way.)

Tresor Was My Favorite

I no longer wear any sort of fragrance, and haven’t for over a decade because the smells just seem to bother me now, but when I was wearing them Tresor was my favorite!  If you look around my coral bathroom centerpiece you will see little bottles here and there.  I just use them for decoration.  The only smells I like now come from the kitchen, or the herb garden.  🙂


Our Skin

The Consistency of the skin around our Eyes is different from the skin on our Face, which is different from the skin on our Throat, which is different from the skin on our Body, which is different from the skin on our Feet.

I would not want to put a rich heavy night cream around my eyes during the day and expect my eye make up not to run all over my face.


So, certain creams work best on certain areas of our body.

On a Clean Face…..

You want to first apply your eye cream.  Any eye cream that you like is fine.  Just make sure that the consistency is very soft and creamy.  If it’s kind of thick and hard then you are just pulling the eye area unnecessarily creating more wrinkles when you apply your cream.  An eye cream is geared more for that delicate skin around the eyes.  Just remember that eye cream tends to “float” and that is why it sometimes gets into our eyes.  So apply a swipe of cream on your finger just underneath your brow bone, and another swipe above the cheekbone underneath the eye.  Making sure to blend the cream without it getting too close to the eye.

Facial Moisturizers

As with my eye creams, I use day creams for daytime, and night creams for nighttime.

Each one is geared toward what will work best for your skin during the day and night.  Night creams are always richer and heavier.  The night creams job is to repair the damage overnight that you may have done to your skin during the day.  But during the daytime we want a moisturizer that is lighter because we don’t want to go around all day looking like a grease pit.

Also a daytime moisturizer works best underneath your make up.  All these day and night creams come in ‘Normal, Combination, Dry, Extra Dry’ skin types.  So buy whichever one fits you.


My “Throat” Creams

I also put them all over my chest as well.

Day and Night

This is an area in which I cheat.  I do not use a “throat” cream, I just buy moisturizers from the commissary that are sold as “night” creams though some are heavier than others.  I’ve settled on Oil of Olay and Loreal’s night creams to wear on my throat and chest during the day.  I use the Eucerin and this other heavy cream that I’m out of and that I’ve totally forgotten the name of, on my throat and chest at night.  Ignore that Coconut Oil in the photo above right.  It’s light, and I do like it for either day or night on my throat. 

This Eucerin cream is the consistency of Crisco! 

Extremely heavy!  Which is why you wouldn’t want to wear it during the day.


A Moisturizer’s Job/ Double Duty

 Although this may seem like a no-brainer, a moisturizer’s job is to absorb into the pores of our skin helping the layers of skin underneath so that when they surface, through exfoliation, that they will be nicer than what is on our faces at the moment. 

However, a good moisturizer’s job is to also remain on top of the skin helping to protect it from the elements, sun, wind, dirt, pollution….

WATER is the BEST Moisturizer!!

If you remember, I talk above about how when I emerge from the shower that while my skin is still moist that I apply moisturizer all over my body?  It’s because I am trying to trap the water that is sitting on my skin inside my pores, so that I get this added boost of moisture.  If water didn’t evaporate then it would be the best moisturizer, but unfortunately it does.  BUT, we can help to trap a little of it in our skin before that happens.  And I’m not talking about applying lotion to your body while water is dripping off your skin.  I’m just referring to having your skin still be a bit moist and not totally dry when you apply your body lotion.


My Body Moisturizers


Lubriderm and Lubriderm

I found the Curel to be too thick and heavy for me so Gordon uses it for his dry parts from working outside.

As you can see I don’t spend a fortune on my body lotion.

I do have dry skin, that seems to come from being a borderline diabetic, but luckily I live in a humid climate, Florida, because humidity is good for your skin.  Bad for your hair, but good for your skin.  So, most everyday I use the (blue) Lubriderm.  It’s a nice moisturizer that’s not too rich, and not too light for me.  It’s just right! 

The (pink) Lubriderm is more for our “winter” days when my skin gets a tad bit dryer.  But even then I may just apply some to my knees and elbows.  Those areas are always dryer than the rest of our body.


Waiting for my Body Moisturizer to Absorb in:

I told a friend about my morning moisturizing routine and she tried it, but she said that it took too long to “dry” and that she just doesn’t have that kind of time to waste in the mornings before work.  So, she gave up moisturizing her body.  Well, that is her choice but you can do things while you wait for your lotion to absorb in.  For example, you could make your bed, pick out your clothes for the day, start the coffee….  I realize no one wants to see you naked in the kitchen first thing in the morning, but I think you get the idea.  You don’t have to just stand there and wait for it to dry.  Although that is what I do while standing underneath my ceiling fan in the bedroom with my arms up in the air as if I’m being held at gunpoint.  🙂  Your welcome on that visual!!!


You don’t have to spend a fortune on moisturizers for your lips, face, throat, body, feet, etc….  I use products from a whole range of prices.  So spend the amount of money you can, and at least use something, as opposed to nothing!!


Our Bathroom Shower

I will give you this IMPORTANT TIP:  Although I will never give anyone hair care advice as my own hair is not the greatest, nor has it ever been, BUT, I can teach you how to never have a bad hair day for the rest of your life!


Our bodies become immune to the products we use on a daily basis, which is one reason I like to switch moisturizers every few months and rotate them as well.  I have in my shower about 25 bottles of shampoos and conditioners ranging in prices from cheap to expensive, and I use a different one every day.  By rotating them and not using the same one every day your body doesn’t have time to get used to it. 

Oh, and I only use a conditioner on the ends of my hair where all the damage is.  I see no reason to condition the roots of my hair, that only makes it a bit greasy.


Feet and Hands

Aveeno Baby??

(Look for it in the baby section of your grocery stores)

The lotion on the left I like to use on my feet because it is a light moisturizer and I don’t want to use something too heavy as I’m barefoot most of the time and I don’t want to slip and fall and break my neck.  The lotion on the right I have in 3 places in my house so that I can apply it to my hands after I wash them because otherwise they are dry and I don’t like that feeling.

Oh, and don’t forget the back of your hands as well.  They are dryer than your palms.

These Aveeno products are also sold for “women” with the other lotions at the grocery store but for


Be sure to look for them in the baby section.  Same product, just named, marketed, and priced differently.

This is how they rip us off!!!!


Crystal Deodorant/Antipersirant

and my crystal…..

A few years ago I developed this rash underneath my arms so I went to my dermatologist to find out the problem.  It was as I thought, it was my deodorant.  But I had been using that brand of deodorant for years so why would it then cause such irritation?  This is actually common in the cosmetic industry.  A company will change the formula of a product they’ve been making for decades and then it can sometimes cause problems for some people.  Apparently that’s what happened with my deodorant.  My dermatologist recommended something else for me but I found this one that I like from the commissary.  The crystal, which the deodorant is based on, is a deodorant as well.  Just wet the crystal and rub it underneath your arm pits.  They are sold in stores.  Although the actual crystal is not something I use very much, I do have it out in my bathroom though.  But this Crystal deodorant is something that I am very happy to use and I like it. 


But remember that when a product that you’ve been using for years suddenly irritates you in some way, chances are that the formula has been changed and it’s time for you to try something new.

Have a Great Day out There!