Novelty Edible Gift Ideas

Novelty Edible Gift Ideas

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I created this page because I had no where to put our Death Star cookie that would be appropriate.  It just didn’t fit on any of our other food pages.  So I started this one.  I think this is where all of our odds and ends will end up.  But odds and ends are good!

So welcome and we hope you stay awhile.

Julie and Gordon



Getting Ready for Star Wars

We are HUGE Star Wars fans!  We haven’t seen the new movie yet but we are getting into the mood for the big day.  Gordon and I made these to give as gifts for Christmas and I wanted to share it with you in case you might like to try to make one.

Giant Death Star Cookie_small

Death Star Cookie

It’s just a giant sugar cookie baked on a pizza pan.

plastic knife tool_small plastic fork tool_small

I made the sugar cookie dough and froze it until we decided to make them.  Then Gordon just rolled out the dough and placed it onto the cookie sheet.  He used a plastic knife and fork to make the designs and then topped the cookie off with some granulated sugar and we baked it on a 325F oven for about 15 – 18 minutes or so until done. 

Death Star presents_small

They were a big hit especially with the movie coming out. 

Not only does the recipient get a great cookie, but they also get a nice new pizza pan.

exhausted Christmas Day for M and S_small

Monk and Sugar tired from all the excitement of their own Star Wars Christmas.