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Julie Beach



I always have, and I always will.  I created this blog post to add whatever I like, whenever I like. 

The beach is casual, the beach is relaxing, the beach is beautiful!





I also love all these beautiful beach buckets.  Reminds of my childhood days at the beach in Florida.

beach cookies and cards_small

I also spend a lot to time out at the beach condo during the year.  Here are a few of my postings of things I love when I am there.

Swimsuit, Coverup, Beach Bag….

All Ready to Head to the Beach

Magazines, Sunglasses, Camera, Sunscreen, and Binoculars


My Yard Sale Purse

Gordon found it at a yard sale and brought it home for me.

  He knew that I would love it.  It only cost him 50 cents.  🙂


Sea Shells and a Lovely Hibiscus


Don’t you  love it when your summer order of flip flops arrive?


I Love Lunch at the Condo

I do realize that it is hardly the healthiest of lunches, sometimes that’s not the point.  It was just a fun lunch of crab salad with whole wheat crackers, and because it was around Gordon’s birthday Spongebob Squarepants cakes. 

I made that tray for Brodie when he was little.  He loved Spongebob and we watched many an episode through the years.


Dashed out to the Condo

1 Lunch at the condo with Tippi_small

Lunch With Tippi

(Anything can be a lunchbox.  Next to my pocketbook is my “lunch tote”.  I got it as an early Christmas gift.  It’s an Estee Lauder cosmetic bag.)

I manage my mother’s condo for her and that requires trips out to Indian Shores on a regular basis.  Sometimes I go out there and stay a few days or longer, and sometimes I just dash out there to take care of whatever business I may need to. 

On those days when I need to dash out there I always bring with me food, usually a lunch, and something to read, sometimes I need to sit and wait, I usually take with me whatever book I may be into at the time.

4 option_small

So What do you Think?

Here is my lunch with Tippi.

 7 option_small

I see no reason why I can’t “Christmas” my lunch up and make it more enjoyable. 

It is December, after all. 

It may just be a chicken salad sandwich on the best seeded bread ever, and red potato salad, my guilty pleasure some fat free Ruffles, and my favorite Gingerale soda.  The baubles are just little accents that to me, make my lunch just a little more special.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed setting this up.

A little Condo Picnic Just for Me

8 option_small

Now that lunch is over it’s time to freshen up.




My daughter Veronica’s little notebook cover that she painted years ago when we lived in Hawaii. 

I love it!  So pretty, colorful, and beachy.


P8110197_small P8110202_small

Eating delicious pu-pu’s at the beach condo.  Everything always tastes better at the beach.


Barefoot Processo

Processo is an Italian fizzy wine that is excellent when you add something to it.  For example, pour the prosecco into the glass and then add some sort of juice to it.  It adds color and flavor to the wine.  Really an excellent fizzy wine for any occasion.

Barefoot Processo on Ice

Prosecco and Mermaids

Keep on Swimmin’, Just keep Swimmin’.




Lots of Hawaiian Lei’s are Beautiful!

Happy Lei Day!



Walking Down our Beach Access Path

Someone’s Sea Shell Garden

(All of those are crushed shells.)





Some days I am the only one on the beach.


Everyday is Julie’s Day when I’m at the Beach


Blue Heron

Some Days it is Just ME and The Birds

Whenever you see this, then you know it’s ME!

Cute Little Sandpipers


Beach Buckets House my Herbs From Home

beach bucket parsley_small

I use beach buckets for many things other than the beach.  Here is an example.  I use them to carry my herb plants with me when I am out at the beach condo.  I either bring them from home, or I buy them and bring them out with me.

You should never go on vacation from healthy eating.

down to basil and thyme_small

They are perfect to set in the windowsill or even out on the balcony.

my famous spaghetti sauce_small adding lots of herbs_small assembly of the baked ziti_small

Here I am making some spaghetti sauce for my baked ziti to leave out in the condo fridge for some family arriving from North Carolina.

baked ziti_small

Top, our guests baked ziti, placed into the fridge so that all they have to do when they arrive it to place it in the oven and bake it.  Not only will family have this for their first night, but there is plenty for leftovers throughout their stay.

all they have to do is cook it for about an hour_small

This smaller one is for me to take home for myself.

Julies own baked ziti_small


Family is Here!

deanna in the pool_small

deanna and dean in the pool_small deanna and dean_small

Enjoying the Pool

deanna and kelcy_small

holding onto the railing_small


Meet Deanna

looking pretty at Salt Rock_small

She came to visit last August 2016, and we made her some of our sea life cookies.  She was especially interested in seeing Winter the Dolphin at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium while she was here.

We wanted to gift her,and the rest of her family with some of our cookies, and a few Winter the Dolphin things.

Ariel and dragees_small beautiful sealife cookies_smallcookie cutters and dragees_small

Deanna also loves Ariel, The Little Mermaid so we wanted to make this a mermaid theme as well.

a beautiful cookie mess_small

I got out all my pretty little Asian bowls to hold all the different color frostings.  I just used the basic ‘Royal Icing’ recipe and just added food color to each bowl.

food coloring_small royal icing_small

Frostings for Deanna’s Cookies

lovely dragees_small pretty dragees_small

The Beautiful Dragges for her Cookies

pretty sealife cookies_small

I’m pretty sure she liked everything.

Julie and camera_small

Me, Julie, Taking photos of Gordon and Deanna.

sea cookies_small The gift recipient of all the hard work with the cookies_small

We gave her a mermaid serving tray that she can use at home to eat off of.  We also interspersed some sea shells among her cookies and even gave her a little shell change purse with a surprise Ariel bead and necklace in it, which Gordon is placing around her neck.

Gordon giving her the neclace that we got for her_small


Gordon also managed to secure some fin painted ornaments from dolphins at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, one of which was WINTER!

beautiful Deanna with her ornaments_small

Early, Merry Christmas, Deanna



Kelcy Goofing Off, Naturally…


Family Dinner at:

Salt Rock Grill

Great place to eat in Indian Shores.

Brodie at Salt Rock_small Veronica at Salt Rock_small

Brodie and Veronica viewing the menu.

family at dinner_small

Dean, Deanna, Erin and Veronica

looking pretty at Salt Rock_small

Deanna waiting for her dinner, and with her sister Erin, below.

deanna and erin_small

Heather and Kelcy, below,

The Intracoastal Waterway is directly behind them.

Heather and Kelcy_small

Gordon and Julie Salt Rock Grill I S_small

Gordon and Julie

Delicious Cocktails


Yeah!  Our food has arrived.

Calamari and Escargot_small

Escargot, Calimari…..

Brodies school of fish_small SR_small

School of Fishes, Gordon’s Salt Rock specialty, and my Salmon Dinner, below.

Julies Salmon Curry_small

Great place to eat dinner.


The Family Photo

family visiting_small


the apron K and E made_small Gordon and Heather_small

Gordon and his Sister Heather, Making Naan Pizza’s on the Grill

(Gordon is wearing the apron that his little nieces made for him when they were little.  Now they are grown women.)

naan pizzas 1 naan pizzas 2_small

Gordon does make the best Naan Pizzas


Italian Nibble Apps at the Beach

Italian at the beach_small

While out at the beach condo Gordon and I were doing a bit of repairs and this is our dinner. 

Healthy, Healthy, Healthy!

washing herbs for my Italian spread_small

The beauty of this Italian food is that it is also delicious.

Fresh herbs, whole wheat bread, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, olives, feta cheese, goat cheese, whole wheat crackers, cheese sticks, bow tie pasta salad…..

love the feta_small my Italian at the beach_small

option boards_small

Don’t forget the red wine.  Loaded with anti-oxidents.  Skip the white.

nibbles 3_small nibbles_small

There is no better meal for me than this one.

nibbles 2_small

the entire spread_small

And no better sunset than this one.

yet another beautiful sunset_small


Julies lightening pic_small


I took this photo from the beach condo balcony.


Also check out our Hum Lum Sun Prunes that I made at the beach:

Hawaiian Hum Lum Sun Prunes



Lunch at the Pool

Headed down to the pool and thought I would take my lunch.



Hawaii Meets Florida

Breakfast Never Looked so Good

A Pretty Seashell Bracelet Makes a Lovely Napkin Ring

Here are some photos that I took back in 2012 that I posted originally on our old website.  I thought I’d bring them over to our new website to post.  I do tend to blend my tropical states together.  They both have their uniqueness.

Just a few of my many little trinkets that I acquired through the years from either flea markets, craft fairs, and thrift stores.

I love this beautiful bowl I found at a thrift store.


The old beach towel was my mother’s when she was a teenager.  We rarely ever get rid of anything.  🙂


One of my many serving trays that I’ve made through the years.  The Hawaiian shirts are greeting cards that I decoupaged onto the tray.

The pineapple postcard I decoupaged on the back.

Colorful Hawaiian Shirt Bowls and a Vintage Purse of Mine




By Julie

The underside of this serving tray that I made.

Strawberry Daiquiri Tray

Perfect, Served with Strawberry Daiquiri’s


I absolutely adore Asian food cans.  Don’t they just look so pretty and festive?  We do eat a lot of rice crackers and Wasabi peas.  I use the cans to house cutlery when we go on picnics, etc.  Aren’t they pretty?

I also use them to carry snacks around with me.

Skim Board and Take Home Gifts


Whenever I have any sort of get-together I love to give gifts at the end of the event to whomever came.  Here I’ve got some little sweet in a colorful Chinese container with a pretty beach umbrella.


Condo Back Docks Driftwood

I find the most beautiful driftwood along our back docks.

I wash it, I clean it, I let it dry, then I decorate with it.

Looks like Vampire Stakes to me!  🙂


The End,

Julie Barefoot

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