Easy Festive Desserts for Mother’s Day

Easy Festive Desserts for Mother’s Day

 Happy Mother’s Day

summer beach balls_small

I don’t know why everything in life has to be so fancy or elaborate.  I put together some things here that were very sweet, and pretty, and festive, for my Mother’s Day celebration.  I wanted to share them with you.

I will add to this post as I go but here is what I have right now.

Thank you for being here, and Happy Mother’s Day!



May 15, 2014

Hydrangeas in the Kitchen

You know, I love hydrangeas.  They are so beautiful and fluffy, they kind of remind me of ice cream.  I do tend to buy a lot of them during the spring and early summer.  I cut off their blooms and place them in water to enjoy in my kitchen.  Above I have some in a container I bought at the Asian supermarket.  I have no Earthly idea what the container is used for, it was in the cooking section,  but I loved the shape of it and had to have it.

My Grandmother’s Old Thermos

Above is my grandmother’s old thermos.  I went on many a vacation with my grandparents when I was little and this cooler had the coldest most refreshing water to drink.  I can remember it well.  We all had a different color cups and we would drink water from this cooler while in the car on our various road trips all over America.  My grandparents had taken me to most every state in America by the time I was 13.  I only have a few states left that I have not visited but they are on my wish list to go to someday.  When my grandmother died I asked my mother if I could have this cooler.  It is a constant reminder to me of our wonderful happy memories together traveling all over America.

White Hydrangeas

The white hydrangeas above were from my Mother’s Day celebration at the beach.  They look like vanilla ice cream to me.

Julie in the Beach Condo Kitchen

Forming the ice cream into balls and rolling them in colored coconut.  This was my Mother’s Day dessert.  Ice cream balls rolled into different colored coconut.  Then put them in the freezer.

Prior to this stage we had divided coconut into 3 different bowls and added food coloring to each one.  Yellow, pink and blue.

It was then easy to scoop out some vanilla ice cream and roll each ice cream ball into the colored coconut.  Sometimes I did need to pack the coconut around the ice cream.  Once you do that you very quickly put them into the freezer.

Don’t they look great?

Summer Beach Balls

What a pretty summer beach dessert.

Pretty Mother’s Day Cake

Pretty Spring Dessert

for a hot day at the beach.

You know, when you have cut off the blossoms from your hydrangeas or any flowering plant for that matter, you can always then plant them into your garden so that the beauty can live on.  Like so.

The memories live on in your garden………..




Mother’s Day

I’ve been asked what was the best advice my mother ever gave me?  She once told me to “Stay away from charismatic people because they can get you to do anything.”

I agree,


Happy Mother’s Day!



Early Mother’s Day for Me

Next weekend is officially Mother’s Day and we have plans to build a path around our new backyard retaining wall so we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day this past weekend at the condo.

My Mother’s Day Cake

I put this together myself.  The white coconut cake in the center is a Pepperidge Farm cake that I bought frozen at the commissary.  This cake is a vintage memory to me.  My Grandmother loved this cake and I grew up with her always having one in the freezer.  So whenever I eat one I always think of her and how much she loved them.  The yellow, pink and blue balls above are sugar free vanilla ice cream that I formed into balls and then rolled in coconut that I added food coloring to.

Very Pretty and Very Sweet


Happy Mother’s Day!