Tropical Breakfast

Tropical Breakfast

Julies Hawaiian French toast_small

Julie’s Tropical Breakfast

(The day after Thanksgiving)

This is the day that is typically America’s busiest shopping day for Christmas with stores opening up extremely early offering deep discounts on big ticket items.  However, we have never been one of those people to go shopping on this day.  I hate large crowds and do my best to avoid them.  A crowd can turn into a mob in just one second.  By this time I have done most of my shopping anyway and it’s just a matter of buying up last minute gifts between now and Christmas Day.

doesnt it all look good_small

Doesn’t it all Look Delicious?

So, instead of fighting through the crowds this year, why not just sit back and take it easy by treating yourself to something nice?

This French toast is made with King’s Hawaiian sweet bread.  We lived in Hawaii for 13 years and this is one of the breads we fell in love with.  However, it wasn’t until Obama became President that we were able to find it here on the mainland.  Hmmm..  I wonder if he had anything to do with that?  🙂

Kings Hawaiian_small

Hawaiian Host Sweet Bread_small

King’s Hawaiian  Sweet Bread

I first got the idea to make French toast this way because of a friend of mine from Hawaii.  Her name was Cathy and she was a native of The Big Island of Hawaii.  We were Girl Scout leaders together and we had all of our girls to sleep over at my house for a fun “girls night” and Cathy made this for all of us the next morning.  I had Gordon to make it just like Cathy did as I remember it.

cut into wedges_small

Instead of slicing the bread into thin slices I wanted it cut into wedges, like a pie.

french toast ingredients_small

You make this Hawaiian French toast the same way you would any other.

Crack two large eggs into a medium sized bowl large enough to fit your bread. Now add about 1 Cup of milk, a good dusting of cinnamon, and a tsp of sugar.  Whisk all ingredients well and dunk your bread into the mixture as shown below. 

whisk all the ingredients together_small soak in the mixture_small

Cook the slices in a buttered saute pan on medium heat until golden brown or about 3 min per side.

The only difference is in the bread.

cook each side until ready_small

Hawaiian French Bread_small

Gordon’s aunt places her French toast in a warm oven so the toast will stay nice and warm and crisp up some before serving.  This is great to do especially when you are making a lot.

serve with oj coffee and jack fruit_small

Serve with Orange, Papaya or Guava Juice

Gordon digging into the toast_small

Some nice syrup and/or some Confectioner’s sugar are perfect here.

Jack Fruit Fresh_small

Here we added some Jack Fruit from the Asian Supermarket

Jackfruit in syrup

You can also buy Jack Fruit in a can.  I love it! 

I think the Jack Fruit in the can tastes like gummy bears.


NOTE:  Remember after 9/11 when America went a bit nuts and started renaming everything that said “French”?  As in French fries became “Freedom fries” and French toast  became “Freedom toast”?

Well FYI,  French toast was invented by a New Yorker by the name of Joseph French. 


How About Some Pretty Napkins Here?

nautical napkin rings_small nautical knots napkin rings_small

You don’t always need pretty napkins rings for an occasion that is casual why not try doing some nautical knot tying?


Square Knot

step 1_small step 2_small step 3_small

This is an easy knot to tie as you do the same movement twice.  First, you do an overhand knot which is the start to tying your shoes.  Shown in the picture above is your right string over your left.  To finish your knot you then do the same movement, but tied left string over the right.  When tied correctly the knot will look uniform with both ends of the knot strings going either over or under the outer loops.


Clove Hitch

second knot step 1_small second knot step 2_small

second knot step 3_small second knot step 4_small

You first make a loop then make another loop in the string.  Your loops need to be done exactly the same for this to work correctly.  Place the second loop on top of the first loop and slide the loops over the napkin.  Making your loops large enough to slide over your napkin will make this movement easier.  Now, simply pull on the ends and the knot will tighten.


Have a Great Day!