American Dad Halloween

American Dad Halloween


American Dad


Julie and Gordon American Dad family_small

Gordon and Julie as Stan and Francine Smith

(We couldn’t think of scarier costumes this year.)

Gordons American Dad pumpkin_small

Gordon carved the pumpkin free hand.

Our Fish Tasso Starring as Klaus

American Dad_small

Good Morning U.S.A.
I got a feeling that it’s gonna be
A wonderful day……

Veronica Haley peace sign_small

Gordon peace sign_small Gordon peace sign 2_small Gordon peace sign 3_small

The sun in the sky has a smile on its face,

Gordon and Julie door kiss_small

And it’s shining a salute to
The American race

Stan front yard_small

Oh boy it’s well to say
Good Morning USA

Stan and Roger car_small

(Good Morning USA)




Stan and Francine close up_small

Gordons Pumpkin_small Julie as Francine_small

Had a Halloween Blast!

American Dad Facebook

Pumpkin candy option_small The American Dad Shot_small

American Dad TBS

Happy Halloween!

The American Dad… Red, White, and Blue Shots and some with green for Roger.

To make these drinks I used Grenadine, Georgia Peach Flavored Vodka, and Blue Curacao.  I also tried some Stoli Gala Applik (Gala Apple Russian Vodka) for the clear or white and Sour Apple Smackers Liqueur made the green tint in the drinks. 

The trick is the weight of the alcohol.

Have a very safe Halloween.