Julie’s Octopussy Cocktail

Julie’s Octopussy Cocktail


Julies Octopussy Cocktails

Julie’s Octopussy Cocktail

(Octopus Ink)

A.K.A. Beneath The 12 Mile Reef

Cocktail JOP 1 Cocktail JOP 2

This cocktail is based on a recipe that I found on the back of some octopus ice cube mold that I bought in Tarpon Springs.  I wanted to ‘Greek it up’ and add some Ouzo, a Greek liquor.

Octopus ice cubes

I made the ice cubes by pouring water into the mold and adding a drop of blue food coloring to each octopus.

Julies Glass

The Ingredients

The Octopussy Cocktail Ingredients_small

Cocktail Julie O

4 oz. Vodka

2 oz. Raspberry Liquor

2 oz. Blue Curacao

1 oz. Ouzo (Greek Liquor)

2 oz. Diet Cranberry/Pomegranate Juice

Diet Juice

Splash of Diet Ginger Ale (Optional)

Add all the ingredients to a martini shaker and shake.  Pour into a glass, add an octopus ice cube then you are all set.

my little octopussy_small

Don’t forget the Octopussy



Cocktail Julie Dill dip

As with all alcohol you need to serve drinks with plenty of munchies.

Here is an excellent Greek yogurt dill dip with pita chips.  The recipe called for sour cream and mayo but I used Greek yogurt instead.  We also topped it off with some lemon pepper.

I also used mini boat paddles as serving spoons.

Octopus in a can_small

Better yet, how about some canned octopus on pita chips?

Baby Octopus_small

Or what about some baby octopus?

Calamari and conch fritters with dipping sauce_small

How about some Calamari and Conch Fritters with a Spicy Dipping Sauce?


Cocktail sponges

Here I have incorporated an elephant ear sponge and a finger sponge interspersed with some lovely white orchids and some seashells.  My cocktail shakers also have seashells on them.  I also added some votive candles to the tops of some knobby star fish and a sea urchin.  Oh, and a plastic octopus to the top of a glass bowl with some sand and sea shells, to simulate a fish bowl.

Gordon OP Cocktail

This has become a fun cocktail for us whether we serve it at the beach condo or at our house.

Tassos Tank Tasson the fish

And just to give you an extra bonus…..  Here is our Tasso the Fish.

He is quite photogenic.  We named him after a famous Greek sponge diver.

Visit Tasso’s Bubbles to Meet Tasso:

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Julie’s Octopussy Cocktail


Greek Octopus


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Thank you for joining us,

Julie and Gordon