Cinderella Party Foods and Ideas

Cinderella Party Foods and Ideas



Vintage Cinderella Planter with roses, and my Birthday Cake

These photos were taken around Christmas for my Julie’s Cinderella Christmas

I had such a fun Cinderella Christmas that I wanted to extend it into my birthday so this page is a merging of the two.  Here are a few party food ideas that you may like to try yourself.  They are all simple.  I don’t do anything complicated.


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Cinderella Cupcakes, and Cinderella Appetizers

Beautiful Carriage Cocktail Picks

The party picks are just beads glued to the ends of toothpicks. 

The cute carriage is a vintage planter of mine.

My plate above I bought a set of them at Tuesday Morning. 

They are very pretty and reusable plastic as well.

The Belle and Cinderella cookies I did buy at The Magic Kingdom park at one of the sweet shops.


These are some photos from my Cinderella Christmas


Don’t forget Cinderella, the party is over at Midnight!


Cinderella Appetizers

Princess tiara sandwiches, with healthy delicious fruits.

Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Cherries


Princess Sandwiches

(easy to make)

You just need a tiara or crown cookie cutter, or anyone you would like to use, and some sandwich bread.

Use the same tiara cookie cutter to cut out tiara shapes in some turkey bologna, like so.

I also used the tiara cookie cutter to cut slices into some cheese.

All you then have to do it to put all three together.  The bread, bologna, and the cheese.  They are all the same size after all.

I used a small glass slipper cookie cutter to cut out a small piece of cheese to add to the front of the sandwich, adhered to by yellow mustard.

Now Plate Them All


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Julie and her carriage

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If you would like the recipe for these delicious cookies.

colorful frosting for the cookies_small Cinderella cookie making_small

Cinderella Cookies

Colorful Frosting’s and Dragees

Cookies drying_small cookies for the girls_small


Cinderelli’s Chocolate Mice

Cute Little Mice w/ a Hot Chocolate (Yum!)

making mice chocolates_small sneaking some chocolate_small

This is Sooooo Cute!


Setting the Table for my Chocolate Mice Project

I do so love to set a table with pretty in theme items to help put me in the mood for whatever project I may be working on.  I was so excited to working on this.

Here I am removing all the paper from the individually wrapped Hersey Kisses.

Also on my table are some sliced almonds for the ears of the mice.  Some pink  and white dragee’s.  Depending on how you wish to decorate your mouse’s face.  The white beads could be the eyes.  The pink beads can be the nose.

Unwrapping My Kisses


Eating the Hersey Kisses  🙂

The Blue and White Chocolate Beads I didn’t use in this project.  They were just too big.

Maraschino Cherries, or Fresh Cherries act as the mouse’s body and tail.

If you are using the Maraschino Cherries then you need for them to be a bit dry so that the chocolate will adhere to them.  Here I am drying them on a few paper towels.

Nestle Chocolate Pieces

This is the chocolate that we are using.  Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate for the Milk and Dark Chocolate Hersey Kisses.  But, you can use Nestle White Chocolate pieces for White Chocolate Kisses to make White Mice.

I am using a Double Boiler to melt the Chocolate.

For those that don’t understand the concept of a Double Boiler it is a pot that sits over another pot that has some water in it so that the chocolate doesn’t burn by being directly placed onto the hot burner.

Here I  have it on a Medium-Low Heat.

Just keep stirring until all the chocolate is melted.

Here I am placing some of the melted chocolate into a bowl so that I can start my mouse assembly.

You first take one of your Maraschino Cherries and roll it around in the melted chocolate to coat it.  Then while the chocolate is still a bit melted press one Hersey Kiss to the cherry so that it can adhere.

Then place your little mouse that you just made onto a plate lined with parchment paper.

My Little Mice are Coming Together

Like So…….

Keep making them quickly because the chocolate will start to harden.

Gordon created a very nice technique for doing this quickly and beautifully.  First he places lots of the chocolate onto a spoon.  Places the cherry in the middle and then rolls the cherry all around in the spoon coating the cherry.

Gordon’s mice looked so much better than mine.  🙂


Once the chocolate has hardened it’s time to start decorating them.

You can see their cute little cherry tails.



I bought a small tube of frosting to use as glue to adhere the ears and noses.  I did place eyes on a few of them but I decided that they really weren’t necessary.  The cute ears and nose were enough.

Cute Little Army of Mice

Also an Excellent Edible Gift and Party Treat

To eat simple hold the mouse by the tail and lower it into your mouth.

  Snapping the tail off as you go.  🙂

You can also decorate the mice however you like.

A cute and delicious fun project for the kids and their friends.


Princess Breakfast

You know the leftover bread from which we used to make the tiara ‘princess sandwiches’ from above?

Well, try frying the bread in some butter/margarine and adding an egg or some egg whites to make a great breakfast treat.


A Perfect Royal Breakfast

Especially for all those little princesses that may sleep over.


For The Adults

Christmas Eve

Holiday Appetizers

(Served before midnight.)

(With Cinderella’s Castle in mind I created this Christmas Eve table for adults.)

Coffee Martinis

I originally wanted to make Espresso martinis but I realized that it would take me forever to brew that many espressos so I decided to just brew a big pot of Kona coffee, it was much easier and better tasting.

To me the Kona coffee is the best in the world, grown in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  These martinis are actually quite delicious.  Just brew a big pot of strong coffee, add some Kahlua and some Vodka in 3 equal parts.

Our Festive Blue Light Table

Turkey sausage balls, Asian chicken cocktail sausages, various nuts, crackers and cheeses…….

I thought the table was looking pretty plain and that is when I got the idea to add lights all over it.  Everyone liked it!

Everyone Helping Themselves

Drunken Devils on Horseback

It’s just not Christmas Eve anymore without Nigella’s Drunken Devils on Horseback.  Gordon and I have since expanded them to include dates and figs as well as pitted prunes.  The recipe calls for you to soak pitted prunes in Brandy overnight and then wrap them in bacon and place in the oven to cook for about 20 minutes until the bacon crisps up a bit.


Gordon came up with the idea to use dates and figs as well as the prunes.  Hey, I only eat bacon about twice a year and this is one of those days so I did treat myself.


Excellent Cream Cheese Pesto/Sun Dried Tomato and Pine Nut App

We tend to eat more white cheeses as opposed to the yellow ones as the white ones have less cholesterol.  You know that Cinderella would only be interested in healthy eating.  🙂


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Hey, you forgot your shoe!


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I’m sending you the Royal Wave of Farewell,