Roasted Olives

Roasted Olives

Gift of Roasted Olives_small

Recipe for Roasted Olives

OMG!  These olives are wonderful!  We made them for our trip to Tarpon Springs.  I cannot even describe to you how wonderful that they smell.  It would make the best air freshener ever.

Bake unto a cookie sheet for about 15 minutes_small

This is now going to be a staple in our kitchen.

The photos above are from two different batches.


-2 cups Greek olives (or any olives you prefer)

without the pits.

-1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil.

-2 – 3 Tablespoons fresh rosemary.

-2 – 3 Tablespoons fresh lemon-thyme leaves.

-Freshly ground black pepper.

-About 2 wedges of preserved lemon sliced into skinny strips.

Our Preserved Lemon

(See our preserved lemon post.)

Preserved Lemon



Combine into a bowl_small  Adding the olive oil to the ingredients_small

Herbs from our Garden

In a bowl mix together all your ingredients making sure everything is coated. 

Pre-heat your oven to 400*

Use a cookie sheet and place aluminum foil down onto it.

Roasting the olives_small

Then place on the cookie sheet and cook for about 10 – 13 minutes.  The olives will get a bit wrinkly.  You might want to remove from the oven about half way through and stir around on the tray, then place back into the oven.

Gift of Roasted Olives_small

(I think these olives would make an excellent edible gift when placed into a pretty jar.)

Afternoon picnic at FHP_small

They are also nice on picnic’s.

picnic roasted olives_small

A nice accent to add to any meal.

FHP lunch_small

FHP Julie Picnic_small

Enjoying a Picnic at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida